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Design Team/Meetings

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Upcoming meeting: 10 July 2010 14:30 UTC: added topics from mailing list and bug tracker
*: We'll be reviewing designs for the proposed Start new/Resume functionality in Home view. Please join!<br>Thanks, Christian
*: Journal backup UI ([ Patch] from Martin Abente, [ Patch] from Sascha Silbe)
*: Alerts ([ Patch] from Anish Mangal) and notifications
*: Uncaught exception handler ({{Bug|2063}})
*: How to handle start-up delay due to data store migration ({{Bug|1546}})?
*: "Your Journal is empty" shown for unreadable storage media ({{Bug|1810}})
*: invalid/unknown colors are shown as owner colors ({{Bug|1750}})
*: Erasure of downloaded Activity entries in Journal permanently removes the code bundle ({{Bug|1512}})
*: Drop down menus give no indication of their existence, also are too slow to load ({{Bug|1169}}, [ Patch] from Michael Stone)
We should also go through [ open tickets filed against component design] some time.
== Who and what==
The meeting is targeted to Sugar core and activity developers, but remains open to anyone interested. It's primary purpose is to open the design approach, making it more transparent and allowing the community to provide feedback on both current and upcoming features.

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