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* [[#Development team|Who we are?]]
* [[#The project|What we are working on?]]
* [[#Roadmap|How long we are going to work on?]]
* [[#How to donate|How you can help us to continue working?]]
* [[#Overall progress|How to track the overall progress to see if your help is needed?]]
Sugar Network development process is started since the end of the 2011 year. It will continue being developed until implementing 1.0 version (further development will depend on feedback gotten during the implementation process) in any case. The only thing is how much time developers can spend on implementation. And, here we are looking for your help.
If the following sum is less than zero, it says how much funds developers are expecting to gather to fulfill project's [[#Roadmap|roadmap]] in time. Zero mean that developers got what they were requesting for and have everything to complete project in time. More than zero means there is an overhead that will go to support [[#The product|Red Azúcar]]. The initial amount is calculated from gentle minimal per developer per month, which is ~500$ multiplied by number of developers (3) and number of months remained in 2012.
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