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* [[Platform_Team/Sugar_Network|technical pages]].
The plan is working on the 1.0 version during the 2012 year. For detailed information see [[Platform_Team/Harmonic_Distribution|Harmonic Distribution]] pages: * [[Platform_Team/Harmonic_Distribution/1.0/Roadmap|Roadmap]],* and [[Platform_Team/Harmonic_Distribution/1.0/Todo#Intermediate_releases|TODO list]]pages. To track for intermediate releases, add [[Platform_Team/Harmonic_Distribution/1.0|release page]] to your watch list. To monitor development commits, subscribe to Gitorious [ Gitorious project]'s [ feed]. To try current development version, follow install [[Sugar_Network#Try_it|instructions]].
The important note for possible donators, this page is requesting to support development process (literally, writing the code) of community software project which is named ''"Sugar Network"'''. At the same time, such systems require downstream deployment work to make it useful for people in the field. Such deployment work is less predictable and rather important for organizations (like education ministries or Sugar distributors) then for personal donators. Look for [[#The product|Red Azúcar]] for details.

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