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Oversight Board/Decisions

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;AGREED MOTION 2017-03 Walter Bender, posting motion seconded by Jose Miguel Garcia: To appoint volunteers Ignacio Rodriguez, Samson Goddy and Laura Vargas as the new elections and membership committee, with the purpose of debugging current membership list and running the 2016's elections for the 3 seats at the Board available for the 2016-2018 period and to appoint Dave Crossland as an impartial election oversight party.<br>(4 votes for, 1 abstain, 2 members absent)
;AGREED MOTION 2017-02 Walter Bender, posting motion seconded by Tony Anderson: "Sugar is a learning platform based on the constructionist educational principles of Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert, Cynthia Solomon, and Alan Kay. Sugar Labs is responsible to develop, distribute, and support Sugar with the help of a global volunteer community of contributors. Sugar Labs provides Sugar in two forms: Sugar for personal computers and XOs and Sugarizer (Sugar Mobile) for mobile devices and the Web.<br>(5 votes for, 2 members absent)
;AGREED MOTION 2017-01 Tony Anderson, posting motion seconded by Walter Bender: that the Board approve the expenses associated with the Paraguay TA day and the exception to the advance purchase policy.<br>(4 votes for, 1 abstain, 2 members absent)

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