Summer of Code/2013/Open Video Chat

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Open Video Chat was originally developed at RIT as a sign language communication tool, hence no audio was in the original version.

Last quarter some work was done to upgrade the UI to Gtk3, modifications were made to the network stack, and an attempt was made to upgrade to GStreamer 1.0.

The project is still in an incomplete state, and most of these changes have not been pushed to the original repository.



GStreamer is still incomplete, so the objective is to complete its upgrade from 0.10 to 1.0 and then port the software to non-sugar platforms.

This would allow communication with other environments, adding to exposure and helping teachers and developers not operating on XO laptops to communicate with XO laptop users.

A summary of project objectives can be found under the github tickets.


Current Project Status:

  • Wire-Frames for Cross Platform Consistency
  • Migrated code changes from forked repository
  • Reorganized repository & prepared for cross platform implementation
  • Revised cross platform concept to reduce separation and code redundancy
  • Learned Inkscape & rebuild wireframes as SVG (in repo)
  • UI Prototype complete & functional in both Sugar & Gnome3
  • Currently Reading on Telepathy Channels and DBus
  • Figured out TelepathyGLib stack from gi repository

Immediate Focus:

  • Testing telepathy custom channels for chat, commands, and streams
  • Testing FPS limitations on XO

Visit the blog for more detailed information.