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Web Confusion

About You

Name::My name is Utkarsh Dhawan, and I am a 2nd year undergraduate student at KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering & Information Technology.

Email-address:My email address is

Sugar Labs wiki username:My username is Utkarsh Dhawan.

IRC nickname on"My IRC nick name is crusher_e0bc.

First language:I am comfortable with both English and Hindi.

Location:India(GMT +5:30)

Work hours: IST 17:00 - 24:00

Open Source Project Experience:I would be willing to work for an open source project this summer because the leading demand of Open source technologies these days has made it almost a necessity for a developer to have an experience of it and most of the best technologies these days are open-source like Mozilla,wine,android etc which results in giving one of the best working experience.

About Project

Project Title:Web Confusion

Project Description:

According to a study,learning is faster through practical activities.Sugar environment is full of such activities.Web Confusion is great way of teaching learners HTML and CSS. The Activities will consist of various interactive levels.Also the levels of the activity will have recording feature where the learner can keep his logs of daily progress and also he/she will get a chance to learn some awesome tips and tricks which are not taught in the regular curriculum.The interface of the activity will have different types of games.Similar to Turtle Confusion there will be several pre-designed tasks that the user needs to achieve.

The Activity will also allow the user to change the viewport so that he can test his website in various devices.

Design 1.jpg

The user can also debug the errors in his/her code.Also the user will have a ranking system which would help the user maintain his interest in the project.

The Ranks would be:Beginner, Intermediate and Professional.Also other users and the developers could rate the work of the user with the number of stars.

The Activity will also have a game for the users struggling with syntax and logical programming.The game would be something like the image given below .In the game there would boxes falling down from the sky with corrections of written on them and the error code would be written will be written on the truck.The user has to move the truck and catch the piece of code that is correct.The user will gain 5 points on catching each correct box and will loose if wither drops the correct box 3 times or catches the incorrect box.


Weekly Distribution of Work:

Week Work
April 28 - May 18 Research work
May 19 - May 25 Writing code for the structure of the activity
May 26 - June 2 Writing the code for shifting viewport.
June 3 - June 9 Writing the code for the activities(L1-L10).
June 10 - June 16 Writing the code for the activities(L11-L20).
June 17 - June 23 Writing the code for the activities(L21-L30).
June 24 - June 30 Writing the code for the activities(L30-L35).
July 1 - July 7 Implementing the recording functionality.
July 8 - July 14 Running Bug Tests
July 15 - July 21 Fixing the Bugs
July 22 - July 28 Final touch to the design of the activity
July 29 - August 4 Completing the modules
August 5 - August 11 Prepare report of the project
August 12 - August 18 Final run tests

I participate in various Competitions and Project Exhibition to keep track of my skills.The list of some of my works is given below --

=== Built a student's portal for college coursework.It was built using HTML,CSS and PHP.
Link -

=== Successfully Completed the CSS Profeesional Level-2 at
Link -

===Successfully Completed the HTML Profeesional Level-1 at
Link -

=== Built the website of
Link -

===Built the inventory system of college's Electronics Department.
Link -
This project was awarded first prize in Annual Project Exhibition of KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering & IT.

I have been using HTML and CSS3 since past 5 years. I am also a professional freelancer from past 2 years. As,Summer break is the time when we get to work with things apart from our course curriculum.I am very confident that I would stick to the prepared weekly timetable and complete the project on time.

You and the community

Benefits of this project:

Learning something new can sometimes be monotonous.This activity will help break that monotony.

Tony Anderson(gsoc-mentor):

"This proposal is the first that has focused on what the student needs to learn and a staged approach to the challenges."

What will you do if you get stuck on your project and your mentor isn't around?

I have prepared a blog . If no one is around I would post my problems on my blog and wait for suggestions from others.Also I have been active on #sugar IRC.So I will try to clear out my doubts from there.If nothing is possible then I will go ahead with other tasks and wait for my mentor.

How do you propose you will be keeping the community informed of your progress and any problems or questions you might have over the course of the project?

I will send emails to my mentor about my daily progress.Also I would post my progress on my blog.


Send us a link to a screenshot of your Sugar development environment with the following modification: when you hover over the XO-person icon in the middle of Home view, the drop-down text should have your email in place of "logout".

Sugar utkarsh.png

Childhood Experience:

My mother was the professor of Multimedia & Web Technologies in my school.When I was in fifth grade I saw my mother working with macromedia flash,I was overwhelmed on seeing the animations and tried to do so myself but failed.This did not stop me and I kept on trying.After repeated attempts I succeeded and this further more increased my interest in this field.