Summer of Code/2015/game using pygame

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Name:Utkarsh Dhawan

Sugar wiki username:Utkarsh Dhawan

Irc nickname:crusher

First language:Hindi

Location:India(GMT +5:30)

Work hours: IST 17:00 - 24:00

Open source project experience:None

I would be willing to work for an open source project this summer because with the leading demand of opensource technologies these days has made it almost a necessity for a developer to have an experience of it and also the idea of an open source technology is very noble as it helps out millions of people who are deprived of the luxury of wealth and resources.

Project Title:Interactive open source game using pygame

This project aims at giving the user a code learning experience through pygame.The game would consist of various levels in which the bar of difficulty would be raised at every consecutive level.The game would be a based in a third person enviournment giving the user a complete liberty of moving around in the game space.The game would benefit anyone who wants to learn coding that too in a fun way.The game will focus on various languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python ,Java etc giving the user the freedom of learning any one or all the languages.

Project timeline: The project can be divided into 3 parts:

1st part:Deciding the storyline of the game

2nd part:Designing models and objects for the game

3rd part:Coding the game

The first part should be completed even before the commencement of the event

Coming to the Second part,this might take 2-3 weeks at max out of the given 14 weeks

Third part can easily be completed within the time limit

I believe that I would be able to complete the project in time because of my experience in pygame.I have been working with this technology for past 4 years. I am also a freelancer of Photoshop and web technologies and have always completed my projects on time. I have already successfully completed several projects like this within a time span of 10-12 weeks.


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