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About You

What is your name?

Nilmadhab Mondal

What is your email address?

What is your Sugar Labs wiki username?


What is your IRC nickname on


What is your first language? (We have mentors who speak multiple languages and can match you with one of them if you'd prefer.)

Bengali or Hindi

Where are you located, and what hours (UTC) do you tend to work? (We also try to match mentors by general time zone if possible.)

Have you participated in an open-source project before? If so, please send us URLs to your profile pages for those projects, or some

I am a newbie in opensource

other demonstration of the work that you have done in open-source. If not, why do you want to work on an open-source project this summer? About your project

Although I was not directly involved in open-source, I have industrial experience in coding. I completed 2-3 paid internship in web development and e commerce websites in developer role. I would like to mention those here.

Web team head and web team member of Kshitij, tech fest IIT Kharagpur (

  • As web team head ,I contributed in development of kshitij,2015 website and various games and portals associated with kshitij as well as mentored and guided the whole web team.
  • I was particularly involved with woodstock and forex ( ) , an online simulation of stock market and foreign exchange and relic hunter ( online treasure hunt competition.
  • As web team member I worked for development and maintenance of site,2014 and games.

Company: Mydreamstore, eSparSha, an apparel e-commerce platform. (

Designation: Software Intern

  • Conceptualized and developed the online portal for the company by understanding the business requirement and implemented features like guest checkout, affiliate marketing, design studio, automated order management etc .
  • Planned and developed a portal for campus ambassador programme where users can login, perform some tasks to promote the company and they will be graded automatically and given points.

Readersnode , book sharing startup (url:

  • Developed a complete website comprising book clubs, discussion forums, voting feature, admin panel.
  • Users can search, share, sell, rent books and can add books on their bookshelf and Authors can promote their books.

Cloudsgreen,a startup for making the earth greener by cutting off the usage of paper.

  • Developed an inventory management system for the company.
  • Created a system for charting the billing trends of a company using jquery flot library.

About my project

What is the name of your project?

Describe your project in 10-20 sentences. What are you making? Who are you making it for, and why do they need it? What technologies (programming languages, etc.) will you be using?

What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is from May 19 - August 22; tell us what you will be working on each week. (As the summer goes on, you and your mentor will adjust your schedule, but it's good to have a plan at the beginning so you have an idea of where you're headed.) Note that you should probably plan to have something "working and 90% done" by the midterm evaluation (27 June); the last steps always take longer than you think, and we will consider cancelling projects which are not mostly working by then.

Convince us, in 5-15 sentences, that you will be able to successfully complete your project in the timeline you have described. This is usually where people describe their past experiences, credentials, prior projects, schoolwork, and that sort of thing, but be creative. Link to prior work or other resources as relevant.

You and the community

If your project is successfully completed, what will its impact be on the Sugar Labs community? Give 3 answers, each 1-3 paragraphs in length. The first one should be yours. The other two should be answers from members of the Sugar Labs community, at least one of whom should be a Sugar Labs GSoC mentor. Provide email contact information for non-GSoC mentors.

What will you do if you get stuck on your project and your mentor isn't around?

If my mentor is not around, I will try solve the problem myself. Probably I will be struck in some sort of error. I will try to find solution of the issue online like stackoverflow. I will also try to post my problem in IRC channel and will try to find out solution from other experienced people.

How do you propose you will be keeping the community informed of your progress and any problems or questions you might have over the course of the project?

I maintain my own website and blog. I can inform the community about my progress through that


We want to make sure that you can set up a development environment before the summer starts. Please do one of the following:

Send us a link to a screenshot of your Sugar development environment with the following modification: when you hover over the XO-person icon in the middle of Home view, the drop-down text should have your email in place of "logout".

Send us a link to a pull request or merge request you have made on a Sugar or Sugar activity bug.

to be done

It's normal to need assistance with this, so please visit our IRC channel, #sugar on, and ask for help.


Describe a great learning experience you had as a child.

Is there anything else we should have asked you or anything else that we should know that might make us like you or your project more?