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About me

  • My name is Sidash Alexey, you can contact me by email,
  • My sugarlasb wiki nickname is iLikeKoffee
  • My first language is Russian, but I can speak English fluently
  • I'm located in Russia, Kursk UTC +3.
  • I have never taken part in serious open-source projects before, but i've got some repos on GitHub.
  • I use linux and other free software for years. I believe that open-source activity is nice way to "pay" for this to community.
  • Open-source activity is a good item in my future CV, when I apply for a job as a programmer.
  • Also, GSoC t-shirts are nice. I want one =).

About project

I would like to take part in Interactive JS Shell by Tony Anderson. Idea of interactive learning seems very nice to me, I believe that it can improve skills of children in some fields of knowledge, for example programming. An in-browser interactive javascript tutorial for children seems to me a good idea. It's is not too complicated, so cannot frighten pupil. But in can help child to understand basic programming concepts, like if..else clauses, loops, functions and etc. As far as I understand, target auditory of the project is children about 11-14 years, who are interested in computer science, so we can provide some game features, like achievements. For example, write program without warnings and staff like that.

Some programming stuff

Project seems to be complicated. There is much client-side work, so I would like to use React.js, LESS and, maybe, backbone. I've got a project sketch repo in my GH.

I wish final product to be something like node.js or python REPL. Child writes some code in editor and sees the result and some necessary tips immediately. Like this.

What will I do if I get stuck on my project and my mentor isn't around?

If there is a technological problem, I would search for solution with google. Or ask a question on StackOverflow. I think I'ts enough to find a solution. If there is a conceptual problem, for example I don't know what to do with some feature, I would switch to another for a while. There is much work always. Testing, fixing bugs, work on UI's usability, etc...

How will I keep the community informed of me progress and any problems or questions I might have over the course of the project?

I believe that best way to keep community informed about my progress is live demo of my work. As the project is a kind of web application, I should deploy all the new features to some server, for example, heroku.

Also, wiki and mailing lists are suitable to inform community members about updates.

Problems and questons should be discussed with mentor, first of all.