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About you

What is your name?

Fomishyn, Nikita

What is your email address?

What is your Sugar Labs wiki username?

Nikita Fomishyn

IRC nickname on

The IRC website wasn't available. (Will edit soon)

First language


Location and Time Zone

Buenos Aires, Argentina. (UTC -3) 14:00 - 18:00

Previous experiences in Open Source Projects

I've never been in an Open Source Projects yet, and I think that working in one involves a new look at how to think and interact with people and different ideas. It’s an important part in learning to handle big projects.

About your project

Project name

Physical Etoys XO bundle


I’m finishing the Physical Etoys port to Sugar, I’ll have to make sure everything works fine in the XO and make a Sugar activity bundle that would let Sugar users download and install Physical Etoys in their computers. The port of Physical Etoys to Sugar will give kids a chance to interact with robots from the real life using digital interface made for an easy understanding and interaction. Physical Etoys allow kids to use virtual objects to interact with objects from the real world such as robots, represented it in real time with sensors and modules from Arduino, Lego NXT and many more. This project will help teaching kids an easy way of programming and understanding the logic of robotics. Physical Etoys, as an extension of Etoys, will be using his main language Smalltalk, and the chance of building code with logic blocks, which is designed for an easy integration with the system.

Project time line

19/03 - 26/03 Reviewing the source of Physical Etoys and Sugar
26/03 - 02/03 Looking for incompatible libraries
02/03 - 16/03 Fixing Linux libraries in PE to match sugar
16/03 - 23/03 Looking into ways of implement Etoys interface in Sugar XO
23/04 - 14/05 Implementing the interface and fixing compatibility issues.
14/05 - 21/05 Writing documentation of Physical Etoys for Sugar XO machine.

Previous experiences

I’ve been involved in a school group project for entertainment (games mainly). Many self initiated small projects such as different tools for school or personal interest and a couple of games. I’m passionate about programming and would love to handle this project to the end, having in mind that this is my first attempt at being involved in such a big project.


Impact on the community

1 The community will have a chance to interact with robots with this tool, and connecting them to the Smalltalk environment which is the source of OOP. 2 3

In case of mentor's lack of presence

Awaiting for a chance to communicate to the mentor, or looking for help in the Sugar community while handing other small tasks..

Informing the community

Creating a Google Group mailing list to interact with people interested in the project to announce changes and available updates. Miscellaneous

Screenshot of the Dev Env

Sugar Developer Env

Great learning experience as a child

Learning my first steps in programming through VB in school.

Additional information about the project

This project is designed to connect kids with a new paradigm of logical reasoning where you can build tasks simple to understand and play with.