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Caroline Meeks


Lead for Gardener Pilot Academy (GPA) Pilot and Sugar on a Stick project.

Contributions include:

Obtained a grant from the Gould Family Foundation for the GPA project Active with the Sugar on a Stick Team Active contributor to the Marketing Team I attend teacher gatherings and represent Sugar including giving it good visibility at the Harvard Graduate School for Education where I am a current Master's student Coordinate the recruiting of volunteers with Volunteer Match for both local and Sugar Labs wide volunteers. Worked with the technical staff at my company Solution Grove on the XS and Sugar on a Stick backup.

For the Oversight board election I want to give people an idea of my interests and what actions I've taken to try to move them forward.

Sugar on a Stick a one stick per child access to computing and Sugar

  • GPA Pilot
  • Work on the Marketing Team
  • Writing Grants
  • General promotion
  • Testing
  • SG Engineers work on Stick backup and registration with the XS
  • hired as GPA interns BU students trying to start a pilot in India


  • Testing local collaboration
  • Providing a Jabber Server for the sugar community as well as for anyone who downloads SoaS. Providing Jabber to anyone who downloads SoaS model is not sustainable and I'm working on creating a business model to support it.
  • Provide free XS to a school in NY State and to GPA.
  • SG engineers working on Jabber bugs


  • SG provides
  • Try to advocate for the usefulness of Moodle and point out areas where it fits into our full vision.

Create partnerships with organizations that share our goals. I feel curwiki, OLE and the foundation that created the teachermate content are all good potential partners.

Lower the floor for educators to use sugar and participate in the community

  • Talk at teacher conferences in ME and VT and visit schools
  • Try to make it easier to report bugs by evaluating launchpad and getsatisfaction
  • Advocate for the Teachermate content which I think would be easy for teachers to use.
  • hired an intern to write up lesson plans in formats familiar to teachers
  • working on a teacher professional development curriculum in my class this semester
  • support adding a WYSIWYG editor to the wiki
  • working to create a site that allows individuals to purchase backup and collaboration
  • working to create a company that will allow school districts to have access to support contracts etc. if they desire
  • advocate for getting hardware support into SoaS

Other interests include

  • Using Sugar to create school-family-afterschool partnerships
  • Sugar in the Philippines (some of the Solution Grove engineers are located in the Philippines)


I think volunteers sometimes wonder if they are appreciated. On of the definitions of appreciate is 'verb intransitive' to increase in value as in an investment appreciates. I am very grateful for the huge appreciation of my work by the Sugar Community. Thank you.