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Contribute an hour of your time

Contribute to the wiki—It's your wiki!

Review the wiki

Please take a hour to explore the wiki, learn what's there, and then consider what's missing.
At your next opportunity, enter that missing piece!
It's your collective intelligence and contributions that make wikis work well.
Thank you for your contributions!

Ask a question about something you wish you knew

See Questions. There are probably others that have the same question! You really help by communicating this way.

Contribute to a wishlist

See Wish list and Category:Wish list. Your wishes may come true, or you might be able to fulfill someone else's.

Identify out-of-date content on wiki.laptop.org

wiki.laptop.org contains a lot of information about Sugar that is outdated, while more up-to-date and more complete pages on the same topic can often be found on this wiki (the Sugar Labs one). Consider reviewing those old pages and either replacing them by links to the appropriate Sugar Labs wiki pages (preferred) or updating them (with the risk of them getting out of sync again). This is complicated by the need to obtain permission to edit the OLPC wiki. In the meantime, suggested changes can be submitted to the http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/Devel mailing list.

Edit the wiki

  • Open an account on our wiki at the new account page.
  • Please find a wiki page that interests you—and could be improved with something you know or could explain more clearly.
  • It's simple to click the edit tab/button, and enter some new text or links, or whatever you want. Don't worry about making a mistake with the formating, others will come along to fix things up.
  • If you don't want to edit the page directly, each page has a matching 'discussion' page, which you can reach by clicking the 'discussion' tab/button at the top. These pages are meant to collect reader comments and questions relevant to the parent page. See for example, Talk:Welcome to the Sugar Labs wiki.
    Remember to click the 'Watch' tab button so you will be notified of changes to the page. When you register your email with you account name, you can also click the 'prefs' (preferences) link at the top right of any page, and then, on the 'Watchlist' tab page, you can set a preference to add any page you edit to your personal watchlist.
  • If you want to enter whole new content pages, there are some guidelines at Wiki Team/Guide/Page Creation. There are instructions there for experimenting with new pages in you personal 'User_talk:' section of the wiki.
    By this means, you can share and collaborate on whole projects in the Sugar Labs fields of interest, like Ed Cherlin's Creating textbooks.
  • Some wiki pages can be improved by eliminating redundancies and adding cross-references.
    For example, currently redundant and/or contradictory help information is present at Sugar help and there is not an installation section for Sugar on a Stick/Mirabelle.

Review and Edit the Sugar Learners' manual

view now: HTML.gif
Sugarlabs mainpage 07.png available as: HTML.gif or PDF.PNG 128 pages, 8.3 MBytes (for saving or printing).

The manual needs to be updated to include information regarding Sugar-on-a-Stick.

New ideas, questions, or problems

Some of our wiki pages are meant to collect new ideas, questions, or problems:

| Request New Features | Request help | Submit Bugs/Problems |

Visit our Vacancies page

  • Consider whether you might be able to fill a vacancy.

Prepare a demo

Review Activities in the Sugar Activity Library

  • Download and try out the Activities on http://activities.sugarlabs.org, especially those that are new or recently updated.
  • If you find bugs, report them at http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/.
  • If you have ideas for improvements file them as enhancements at the same site.
  • If you find the Activity useful, why not rate it and review it at http://activities.sugarlabs.org? This will encourage the author and make the Activity more visible to others who visit the Activity Library.
  • Help keep the wiki page for the Activity you like up-to-date, interesting, & useful. The Activity wiki pages are listed at Activities.

Offer community help on IRC

<wim-9397> hi i am on sugar on a stick
<wim-9397> in vmware, where do i set my keyboard ... it is azerty
<wim-9397> an "i dont know" would also be helpfull
<wim-9397> then at least in know there is someone to react
<wim-9397> no community help?

We could use more people hanging out to answer questions...even if just for an hour here and there.

Help with testing

OLPC 11.3

See this testing request for Sugar 0.114

Dextrose 3

  • See this testing request for Sugar 0.92.4

Tackle a Sugar-Love bug

We maintain a list of low-hanging fruit bugs—tagged 'sugar-love'—in our bug-tracking system. Some could be accomplished in less than an hour. Please see http://bugs.sugarlabs.org for more details.

[Your suggested activity]