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Bernie Innocenti

Services status

This feed sends updates about the health status of all our services and machines. Subscribe if you want to be notified.

Notificiations for planned service outages are also posted ahead of time on our "It's An Education Project" (iaep) list (check the Mailing Lists page).


Your friendly sysadmins for can be contacted at <hostmaster at>.

The sysadmins are:

  • @develer
    • Bernie Innocenti
    • Stefano Fedrigo <aleph at>
    • Lorenzo Mancini <lmancini at>
  • @osuosl
    • OSL Support <support at>

Service specific contacts

Wiki and Web-related services (Mediawiki)


Hosted on Machine/solarsail.

Technical contact: <webmaster at>.

The wikimasters and webmasters are:

Mailing lists (Mailman)

Info: Mailing_Lists


Systems Administrators:

Hosted on Machine/solarsail.

Technical contact for mail and aliases: <postmaster at>.

The postmasters are:

Bug Tracker (trac)


Hosted on: Machine/sunjammer

The bugmasters are:

Git project hosting (Gitorious)


Hosted by OSL.

Technical contact: <gitmaster at>.

The gitmasters are:

Planet Sugar (planetplanet)


Hosted on: Machine/solarsail

For requests regarding Planet Sugar, please contact <planetmaster at>.

The planet masters are:

We Care (tm)

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