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  1. 3034 Update SL bar

  1. 3047 Adopt SL bar on

Activity Team

Activity_Team role needs some love, with the migration off of a centralized git-based repository Gitorious to diverse GitHub repos has to some extent decentralized a developer and localizer community that previously had a common point of contact.

  • Who adopts Activities stranded in Gitorious?
  • How to provide the best linkage for Activity feedback from less-sophisticated users back to developers/maintainers?
  • Translation_Team needs direct channels and responsive maintainers to advance i18n and L10n.

Activity pages

It would be highly desirable to develop a template for an activi9ty page. It should have a box/table that displays all of the information contained (or that should be contained) in the file.

Can we get wiki pages created for these actvities?

Translation Team

Chris Leonard User:Cjl would like to respectfully request editorial control over the Translation Team Translation_Team branch structure. I have some major work to do and it is going to be easiest to use wiki markup in the editing process. This is a very small portion of over all wiki content.

As an administrator, you have full editing rights. (Wiki page protection is limited in resolution to wiki group membership.) --FGrose (talk) 22:35, 20 April 2016 (EDT)
Indeed, the request is a formalism, not an admin action request, as B'crat, I can pretty much do as I please on the wiki :-) --cjl