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Background discussion

See also Development Team/Packaging.


Packaging Team/Mission


The Packaging Team may hold regular IRC meeting (See the Sugar Labs calendar). Find out more about the meeting time and upcoming and earlier meetings here. Help: Using IRC

Packaging systems

Package Sucrose for your distribution

This list is organized from a system development perspective (i.e., by the chain of maintainers involved). There is an alternative list from a usage perspective too.

  1. Sucrose included in official distribution releases by these distributors:
  2. Unofficial Sucrose packaging extending these distributors' distribution releases:
  3. Sucrose included as repackaging (a.k.a. blend or spin) of other distributors' official/unofficial releases:
  4. Unofficial virtualization of Sucrose-containing distribution releases using these technologies:

Help us maintain good communication with distribution packagers to assist in this.

Project Ideas

  • Mirrors