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flying toaster

Our goal is to allow any XO user or XO in book mode (even as a kiosk) to select and create:

We will use as simple a user interface as possible for use semi-unattended as a kiosk. We plan to do extensive compatibility testing on XO 1.0 and 1.5 hardware as well as on builds which are already deployed. An important part of making this activity successful will be implementing methods that are usable on as wide a hardware and software user base as possible.

Our project was approved for the OLPC Contributor program after completing a proposal.

This activity is not yet functional.

There are many ways to create USB sticks and much work has been done that we can use. Creating a CD or DVD is relatively simple with connected hardware. Collaboration is encouraged as we get the project going. You can provide input here, as bug reports or as code. Inspiration for this project comes from many similar projects to share free and open source software.

Email list: <- please subscribe if interested in helping

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Open Hatch:

Distribution : when we are ready

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