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Live USB distributions

  • openSUSE-Sugar-Live (only an older version of sugar available.)
  • Fedora 12 Education Spin Live USB of GNOME and Sugar Desktops
    No longer maintained. (Similar results can be obtained by building a live Fedora Remix.iso or a "custom" netinstall hard disk install with GNOME and Sugar-desktop selected.)

Graphical installers


  1. F12 and opensuse-edu now distribute a dual mode live.iso of Sugar-Desktop which boots into sugar as a CD or can be used to dd write to a USB/SD stick. (Persistence is a work in progress on these.) Sugar on a Stick/Linux/openSUSE, [1], [2], [3]
  2. Sugar from multiple distros is available VitualBox Appliances as a VMware Player or VirtualBox "Appliance", which can be stored on a USB/SD stick, and thus is transportable with (persistence) from PC to PC.
  3. There are "full installs" (non-compressed file structure) of Sugar, Sugar+GNOME, and on larger (4 GB+) USB sticks, which are available for download in compressed form, which can be written to a bootable USB/SD device with a dd command in several minutes.
  4. Most live F12-F13 distros can be installed as a full install to disk. This requires a 4 GB USB/SD disk for Blueberry, Mirabelle, and an 8 GB USB/SD disk for Sugar+GNOME. Use command "liveinst" in a root terminal. These produce a normal install with persistent storage.

Trisquel notes

  • This section needs updating --Satellit 06:35, 21 December 2011 (EST)
from Rubén Rodríguez Pérez on SoaS list:
  • Trisquel-Edu (Live USB)
  • Trisquel-Sugar 3.0 RC (has usb-creator available as command in terminal for persistent USB device storage)
I will further explain the differences:
  1. We are including the Sugar packages in both our 2.2 LTS version (where you can find the Trisquel Edu edition), and in our new 3.0 STS version. All our live Sugar images will be based on the STS one, as it will provide better hardware support.
  2. Trisquel Edu, which is a GNOME based educational system, can run Sugar as an alternate environment, or serve it via LTSP. The Edu edition (like the Pro one) is only available in the 2.2 LTS version of the distro. It will be the recommended version for large Sugar-on-Trisquel deployments.