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Where to Describe Bugs & Problems

  • Communicate directly with the Development Team's work ticket system by using the Sugar Labs trac instance to report bugs you find with Sugar on the various distributions.
  • Problems registered in the trac database become work tickets to which you may subscribe, have comments appended, titles changed, log files or screenshots attached, links included, and more.
  • The tickets are reviewed periodically by the BugSquad and so get more Development Team attention than a report in the wiki or on a mailing list, but are not as broadly announced as with a mailing list post.
  • To get broad community attention to a problem, prepare a trac ticket AND announce it with a link to the trac ticket page in a posting to sugar-devel AT (or, if OLPC XO-1 hardware-specific, to devel AT Register your email address at or to avoid delays in acceptance of your posts.
  • In your report, please include background information on your version of Sugar and any links that might be helpful for those investigating the problem.
See BugSquad/Bug Report for reporting guidance.
You may also report your hardware profile and upload log files as described in BugSquad/Get Logs.

Email sent to feedback AT will be forwarded to the IAEP mailing list, which is used for general discussion of the Sugar Labs education project.