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Please see the Sugar Activity Library for a nearly complete list of activities that are available for Sugar.


(Sugar users are learners.)

Learner applications in Sugar are called Activities. They are software packages that automatically save your work—producing specific instances of the Activity that can be resumed at a later time. A specific Activity instance is a Journal event (see this discussion of The Notion of "Keeping"). Many Activities support learner collaboration, where multiple learners may be invited to join a collective Activity session.


See this page olpc:Feedback Actividades for comments and recommendations. (English readers may find the English link on the Google translations bar of that page helpful.)

Questions and answers

The Activity Team's Frequently Asked Questions page has many developer-oriented questions, but Sugar Learners should post their general Activity-related questions to the team on this page. Questions about a specific Activity should be posted on the discussion page for that Activity available below.

Developers & Testers

Sugar Activities

See Category:Activities for wiki pages of actual activities.

Please add new activity documentation at GitHub. Read How to edit Help and contribute.

Below is a list of activity home pages:

Running GNU/Linux Applications Under Sugar

See Running Linux Applications Under Sugar for a discussion of traditional GNU/Linux applications in Sugar.