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This Activity charts data from the Sugar Journal:

  • free space
  • activity usage
  • turtle block usage




Where to get Analyze Journal

Using Analyze Journal


Activity toolbar button
Opens activity toolbar (See below)
Free-space button
Charts free space in Journal
Journal-activity button
Charts activity usage
Turtle button
Charts block-type usage in selected Turtle Art project
Horizontal chart button
Displays data as a horizontal bar chart
Vertical chart button
Displays data as a vertical bar chart
Pie chart button
Displays data as a pie chart
Full-screen button
Displays chart as full screen
Help button
Displays help
Stop button
Standard Sugar activity stop button

Activity toolbar

Activity title
Rename activity instance in Journal and title of chart
Share button
collaboration currently not supported
Write-to-Journal button
Add notes to the Journal entry for this activity
Save-as-image button
Save the chart as a picture in the Journal


Aside from providing graphical feedback regarding free space in the Journal, the goal of this activity is to provide the learner with feedback about the types of activities they engage in (Journal chart) and the ways in which they are using Turtle Art (Turtle chart) all in the spirit of making learning visible.


This Activity does not currently support sharing.


Are there other charts that would be useful? Please make suggestions or add your own "reader" to

Source code is available at

Reporting problems

Make comments/suggestions on the Talk:Activities/Analyze Journal page.

Please file bugs at [1].

To list all open tickets of Analyze, see [2].