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The mission of the Wiki team is to maintain the Sugar Labs wiki, and to help the Sugar Labs teams and the greater educational community to collaborate effectively.

Welcome to the Wiki Team

The Wiki Team helps the community keep the Sugar Labs wiki organized and up to date. Individual teams create and maintain their content on the wiki. The wiki team will help edit that content and structure it in the wiki.


Frederick Grose


  • collaborative graphical mind mapping tool of some kind
    • support for uploading Labyrinth code for live use on Wiki?
  • install toolbar plugin for editing tips as found on wikipedia
  • enable plugin for video playback in wiki - Done, see Category:Video Widget.
  • tighten control on spammers
  • install plugin for creating FAQ layout easily


What constraints on uploading video (ogv) files are there? Easy way to get around the various problems of this vid site vs that vid site? How much does B/W and storage cost... (ouch. $?, I know... so why ask? Because it's still a valid question.)

The project is ALREADY handling videos via outsourcing to Dailymotion, and other venues are under discussion. See Marketing_Team


The main projects of the Wiki Team include:

  • Cleaning up older, out-of-date articles
  • Updating existing articles
  • Organizing, categorizing, & restructuring the Wiki content
  • Editing existing articles
  • Developing ideas to improve the organization of the content on the Wiki
  • Reverting the occasional wiki vandalism

For more details about getting started, please read the Wiki Guide and check out Wiki Team/Roadmap and Wiki Team/TODO.

Development and Testing Wikis

See Wiki Team/Resources#Test wikis.


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