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Sugar Labs appreciates the efforts of Local Labs in making the Sugar platform relevant to their local communities. Local Labs around the globe do the following, and more:

  • Adapt the technology and pedagogy to an area's culture and resources (e.g, developing activities and content specific to a region)
  • Help translate Sugar to the local language(s)
  • Support Sugar deployments in area schools
  • Create a local community devoted to the Sugar Labs principles, making Sugar more open and sustainable
  • Provide for communication,between the local communities and the global Sugar Labs community
  • Develop Local content and software that can be used not only for local purposes but also for the overall community
  • Host, co-host or partner in the organization of conferences, workshops, talks and meetings related to the use or development of Sugar

Sugar Labs seeks to foster a sense of ownership and associated entrepreneurship with the user communities who support Sugar. Sugar Labs, as the official representative of the project itself, maintains responsibility for setting clear goals and maintaining any necessary infrastructure needed by the project as a whole. In turn, Local Labs dedicate themselves to using Sugar to serve their local communities. But, what is the "business model" for a successful Local Lab? It seems that some necessary conditions for success would be:

  • A university connection as a local human resource
  • A local pilot user group from which to learn
  • A local passion or sub-goal that provides a rational for the work
  • Bi-directional communication with Sugar Labs and other Local Labs
  • A sustainable and well-defined entrepreneurship model
  • A program to reach out to local free-software communities and local industry
  • A marketing program or roadmap

What are other considerations? And are these initial "conditions" correct? Your input would be of great value to the efforts of Local Labs everywhere. Please join the discussion.



Sugar Labs Local Labs are not officially endorsed by or affiliated with Sugar Labs, Inc.