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The Templates Palette (yellow)

examples (7)

See the tutorial below.

descriptions (7)

TA-journal.png → journal entry TA-nopreview.png → no preview image found
TA-audio-off.png → no sound loaded TA-audio-on.png → audio file selected
TA-desc-off.png → journal description TA-desc-on.png → journal description selected
TA-template1.png slide template 1: title, image, text
TA-template2.png slide template 2: title, image, text, image, text
TA-template3.png slide template 3: title, image, text, image, text
TA-template4.png slide template 4: title, image, image, image, image
TA-template5.png slide template 5: title, text list
TA-template6.png slide template 6: title, image
TA-hide-blocks.png hide blocks