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TamTam is a suite of four music and sound related activities for the XO. TamTam is written in python with some C functions for speed-critical services. The audio engine for TamTam is Csound.

Build from sources

In Terminal activity, install some necessary software:

sudo yum install git csound-devel alsa-lib-devel python-devel make gcc-c++

If you are building a development environment on Ubuntu or Linux Mint, install the following packages instead:

sudo apt-get install git libcsound64-dev python-dev make g++

libcsound64-dev is not actually sufficiently up to date in the Ubuntu repository, so it may be necessary to build csound from source on Ubuntu or Mint before building TamTam.

Clone the sources and build binaries:

mkdir -p ~/Activities
git clone --depth 1 ~/Activities/tamtam
git fetch
git checkout -b sugar-0.94 sugar-0.94
cd ~/Activities/tamtam/common/Util/Clooper

Branch sugar-0.94 have the gtk2 version, master branch have a unfinished port to Gtk3.

If make was successful, create symlinks to all TamTam activities:

cd ~/Activities/tamtam
./ dev

Bundling from Sweets

If you are using Sweets you can bundle your changes with the following command line:

sweets bind sdk/sugar ./ dist_xo

This can be done in the root of tamtam sources.