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The UI for toaster is being designed to be useful without the keyboard so that it can be used in book mode after it's configured with the .iso files you will be providing on USB sticks or CDs.

These old style menus in sugar < 0.86 should work well. Implementation priorities are outlined below.

  • Activity Menu
    • Allow a name to be used for the session - required
    • Share with: initially disabled
    • Keep initially disabled
    • Stop - required
  • Edit
    • Undo initially disabled
    • Redo initially disabled
    • Copy - useful for text in entry boxes
    • Paste - useful for text in entry boxes
  • Full keyboard controls will be enabled for configuration but limiting choice is necessary for creating USB sticks and writable discs to allow unattended self-service use.
  • Create Copy
    • screen top/left - Choose Image
      • first step - hard coded image will be available to burn to a hard coded target
      • initially much of this will be delegated to the Journal interface
      • initially only one iso / journal entry will be used for the entire application
      • When one wants to select from multiple .isos should a journal entry be one "Toaster configuration" configured in this screen with it's own separate Journal entry?
      • the screen will allow selection of a single image (later a set of images) to burn.
      • later. when browsing the .isos shared from other people this Browse will be used to copy them locally in conjunction with the journal to USB sticks. Major checking for space constraints will be required.
    • screen middle/right - Choose Target
        • many kinds of checks will be required
    • screen bottom / new screen - Create Copy
      • Perhaps an optional password protection or at least a confirmation dialog box will be necessary to get out of full screen mode to prevent accidental misconfiguration by casual users.

This arrangement should map pretty well to new style toolbars in Sugar >= 0.86 as well.

Note for XO users: one issue when using emulation or a USB keyboard is keyboard equivalents of things like the Frame key (alt-shift-f).