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About Share Favorites


The Share Favorites Activity shares Sugar desktop favorites among Sugar users.

Where to get Share Favorites

The Share Journal Statistics activity is available for download from the Sugar Activity Library: Share Favorites

The source code is available on the Sugar Labs Gitorious server.

Using Share Favorites

There are two modes: share and join. Presumably, the one who first launches the activity and shares it is the classroom teacher. Students then join the activity from the Neighborhood View. Nothing except sharing and joining is required. Everything else is automatic.

Sharers will see XO icons appear on the screen as joiners join and download favorites.

Joiners will see an animation of activity icons as favorites are downloaded. Once the animation completes, the activity should be exited.


  1. It is necessary to reboot in order to see the new favorites. (Note: Version 1.1 uses a dbus service to update favorites without a reboot, but this requires a change to jarabe/view/ that has not yet landed upstream.)
  2. If favorite activity is not found on the joiner's machine (must also match version number) it will not be marked as a favorite.

The Toolbars

Activity-toolbar Button
opens standard Sugar activity toolbar; it is on this toolbar where the Share palette is found.
Stop Button
used to exit the activity

Learning with Share Favorites

Share Favorites is utility whereby a teacher could have a classroom of students use the same desktop configuration for a lesson.

Your suggestions for enhancements and/or use cases...

Where to report problems

You can soon report bugs and make feature requests on our bug-tracking system (You need to create an account first). To list all open tickets of Story you can use query component=AnalyzeJournal. You are also welcome to leave comments/suggestions on the Talk:Activities/Share Favorites page.


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