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What is Paths?

Paths is a sliding tile game where the goal is to create closed paths. (lang-es)

How do you play?

64 tiles are to be arranged onto the 8×8 grid, positioning the tiles so that paths are created.

8 tiles at a time are place to the left of the grid in a staging area (on the left side of the screen). Move (by dragging) and rotate (by clicking) one tile at a time onto the grid. Connect the lines that run across the tiles to the lines on the other tiles on the grid to make paths. You cannot let a line run off edge of the grid, nor onto another tile without connecting to a line on that tile. An X will appear over connections that result in broken paths.

Note: Once a tile is in position it cannot be moved.

The game is over when all tiles have been played or there is nowhere to place a tile without creating a broken path.

If you play against the computer, you must click somewhere off of the grid or on the ✓ button to indicate you've finished your turn.

Where do I get Paths?

Paths can be downloaded from

The tiles

Tile shape No. of tiles
Paths-tile-type-0.svg 16
Paths-tile-type-1.svg 4
Paths-tile-type-2.svg 12
Paths-tile-type-3.svg 16
Paths-tile-type-4.svg 4
Paths-tile-type-5.svg 8
Paths-tile-type-6.svg 4


Reporting bugs

Please follow this link ( in order to report a problem with the Paths activity. You can view all of the open tickets by following this link:

Source code

The source code for Paths is available on gitorious.

Features to be added:

  • custom tiles