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Please contribute to this collection. These are the resources we used in learning to develop our Activity

  • SOAS & Builds
    • - Sugar on a Stick (SOAS) is now an official Fedora Spin. This means Fedora 13 and beyond provide the newest versions of Sugar, however deployments of XOs are often using F11 or F9 based builds. Toaster is targeting full support for F11 and F9.
    • For Ubuntu machines until the Ubuntu Sugarteam make more progress the best advice is to run Sugar in a window with Virtualbox & Fedora or dual booting.
  • XO 1.5 Specific
  • ToDo
    • file a bug advertising the Activity is ready for translation using Pootle, then make sure to run ./ genpot every time a new string is added and ./ fix_manifest to keep MANIFEST up to date, especially before a release.
    • git tag -m "Release 1" v1 HEAD ; git push --tags
    • create screen shots and .gif of .svg icon when uploading .xo file to