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Sugar activity to distribute Sugar Network clients and demonstrate Sugar Network functionality.

Sugar activity way to use Sugar Network has limitations:

  • Install dependencies manually;
  • No activity launcher windows;
  • No fast way to switch to Sugar Network window, it is regular Sugar activity.

But it provides easy way to try Sugar Network from regular Sugar installations. To use Sugar Network on regular basis, look for other options.


Most of activity dependencies are pure Python based and bundled. The rest of activities should be installed manually to users' system:

  • PackageKit
    To launch activities from the Sugar Network, install PackageKit and make sure it runs properly in current Sugar session;
  • PyWebKitGtk
    Corresponding package name might be pywebkitgtk, python-webkit or python-webkitgtk;
  • M2Crypto
    Corresponding package name might be m2crypto or python-m2crypto;
  • gevent-1.0
    Version 1.0 is not yet released and not yet packaged. Activity bundles it but only for Fedora 14 (gevent contains binaries), for other systems, install gevent from upstream site.

Gevent-1.0 build instructions for Fedora (make sure that python-gevent and python-greenlet packages are uninstalled):

sudo yum install gcc cmake python-devel python-pip
sudo pip-python install greenlet
tar xpf gevent-1.0rc1.tar.gz
cd gevent-1.0rc1
./ build
sudo ./ install


Contributor Hub, one of bundled Sugar Network clients, is coded using Enyo Javascript framework. It is designed to be useful on all major platform including mobile ones. Current Contributor Hub is not optimized for touch screens (and XO-4's screen in particular) yet, but it might be a fun to enable touch scrolling for tables:

--- app.js.orig
+++ app.js
@@ -4665,7 +4665,6 @@
 name: "sugar_network.Table",
 kind: "Scroller",
+touch: true,
 horizontal: "hidden",
 cell: {},
 cellBounds: {},


Clone source repository from Gitorious:

git clone git:// --recurse-submodules


  • From Activity Library [1].

Getting involved

  • Submit your bug report or feature request.
  • Browse our implementation discussions, and post your feedback. (You should join this discussion list in order to avoid having your messages postponed for moderation.)