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Kathy Pusztavari describes an idea for a Spelling activity.


The spelling program that I'm thinking of has some programming twists. It does sets of spelling words (like lessons). Python would be a great programming language. I'm wondering if you know of anyone that can do the following program - it would take some time to come up with the money....

The spelling words are done in various ways:

  1. [voice] choose letters to spell [spelling word] - student chooses letters from several bubbles containing letters with mouse or just types
  2. [voice] choose the misspelled word - list of 4 words, one of which is incorrect - use mouse or type number
  3. [voice] spell [spelling word] - student types in letters
  4. [voice] choose the correct spelling of [spelling word] - student chooses from list of 4 words using mouse or types the number

There is an option to say the instruction again on all formats.

Error Corrections

  1. Refillable is spelled [R][e][f][i][l][l][a][b][l][e] - show refillable.
    The morphographs in [word with more than 1 set of sounds] is [re] + [fill] + [able]
    Ie [greenness] = [green] + [ness]
  2. [that] is spelled [t][h][a][t]. The sounds in that are [ththth] - [aaaa] - [t]


  1. The lesson is extended if there is an error. The word that was spelled wrong will be re-introduced two words later. It will be need to be spelled correctly 2 times consecutively (not back to back but they will need to be spelled correctly the next two times given).
  2. If the word is spelled incorrectly more than once, then continue giving the word every two words until it is no longer misspelled. Ensure all words are spelled correctly from the keyboard.
  3. The list of words will be put into files just like the typing program. Not sure how the voices are to be done but it will need to link to the text files containing the word spellings & morphographs (green + ness).
  4. The program is sequencial so a student can't skip around in lessons.
  5. It would be nice to track student progress for the teacher so that it contains the student name and accuracy per lesson number.
  6. After each correct selection or typing of a spelling word there is a voice generated "good job" type feedback. It would be very good if the type of feedback depends on how quickly the selection was made or typing was input.
  7. A theme/screen would be great. For instance African wildlife with animals that move across the screen between spelling words [as long as it is quick].