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G1G1 enthusiast. Bought 2 sets so I would have 2 to investigate presence service features. Have sold both and now using VMWorkstation 6.5 to follow developments.


preparing USB and SD cards for my EeePC900

  • Helped test Soas1 and Soas2 on USB and SD before Vt Conference. (04/06-07/2009.)

Contributing to VMWare page on wiki

  • Detailing making USB/SD Boot sticks with VMPlayer installed
  • Making VMPlayer Appliances
  • Testing VMPlayer on various Operating Systems

Testing new Builds of sugarSUSE

  • Testing builds .iso and vmx files using VMWorkstation 6.5.2
  • Installing USB.raw files of sugarSUSE on various size USB and SD cards(May-June 2009)

Testing of Various Installation methods for Live and real file systems on USB/SD/HD for Sugar

  • Tests of Collaboration for activities
  • Evaluation of Activities Compatibility for various Soas versions.
  • Downloading most all of ASLO .xo files to a single directory
  • Creating Open Office spreadsheet indexed by activity number, and name, showing this Compatability
  • editing the ASLO listings to reflect this usability.

Sugar Creation Kit

  • Gateway to information on Sugar-on a Stick (SoaS) and Sugar in many distributions.
Tutorials on how to use and deploy sugar.
Useful listing of Information for the user.
  • Use to Download the elements you need and burn to your own Customized DVD to save Downloading all of the above SCK DVD.iso


For "sneakernet" and behind firewall installs.
Only requires 1 download, can be copied locally for a complete build
Contains .iso files and instructions needed to create Soas USB's plus a
majority of the .xo files from ASLO for installing activities by drag-drop into the sugar Journal.

ASLOxo-6.3 DVD

Contains over 500 activity.xo files
Updated: Added new activities from the sugar-devel list up to: 01/21/2012
To be downloaded and burned to a DVD then transferred to a USB stick
Installed by drag drop to sugar-journal in a running sugar entity
  • For "sneakernet" and behind firewall installs.

Writing pages on deja-dup backup for Soas Sticks

Backup-restore Tutorial

Current Projects

updated Feb 9 2012

Writing tutorials

Annotated screen shots in wiki
Introduction to the Sugar Interface
Connecting to the Internet
Copying files with drag and drop
How to use the IRC Application
Annotated screen shots that show you how to use the IRC application
Communicate with other sugar users and developers on IRC
How to use the Chat application
Annotated screen shots that show you how to use the Chat application
A good example of collaboration on a shared activity via a jabber network
Send a file to friend from the Sugar-Journal
A nice way to sent a file to a friend
Also works to Save/Retrieve individual files from the sugar-journal that have been copied to a 2nd USB-stick
How to Import a VirtualBox Appliance
with links to Virtual Appliances to download


Tests Activity .xo files in different versions of sugar on Soas, installed, and on XO-1
Testing on new versions of activity.xo's done as announced on lists
Up to date tests of Fedora SoaS Nightly Compose
Depreciated ARCHIVE ONLY
Reconstituted test table into editable Test Matrix

Features for Soas v4 (Approved) (editing) An install CD (to HD) with all the features needed to make soas-remixes (Ideas)

Build and upload Virtual Appliances for Virtual box and VMPlayer

Have Soas-v3 Mirabelle and Soas v2-Blueberry available in both versions.
Helped Walter on this section:
added section on Virtualization to Sugar Creation Kit wiki page. with Virtualbox and VMplayer sections below it.

Test and Build Virtualbox Appliances with MacBook Air

Use my G1G1 XO-1 and a Loaned XO-1.5 to help test Dextrose-2 for Bernie

  • Application approved on Feb 11, 2011 to get a 1 yr loan of a XO-1.5 from OLPC

I think the migration from the XO to these portable booting Memory sticks, which work on many Platforms is very exciting! Congratulations to all of the hard working people working on this Project.....

Live in Bend, OR. Retired

Hobbies: Computers, Fencing (Epee'), Road and Mountain Biking, Kayaking,Telemark and Cross-Country Skiing.