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I am retired and have been following the OLPC and SUGAR projects since the original G1G1 program. I am an amateur volunteer. I have a MA in Geology from Franklin & Marshall College and a MS in Geological Oceanography (Paleomagnetism of Marine Sediments)

I lived in Hawaii for 35 years. moving to Bend Oregon in the last few, as I retired. (I am 67)

I enjoy Cabinetmaking especially building classic chairs and furniture with real joinery. Some of these I have built, progressing from cutting, drying and re-sawing the lumber prior to making the pieces.

I enjoy skiing(Telemark,Alpine,X-country); Mountain and Road Biking, Kayaking, fencing, and do a lot of it here in Bend.

I am not a programmer,

I play with different ways to teach and/or instruct students. I did some writing of "Programmed Instruction" booklets while drafted into the Army. I was by chance, located at the Army Engineer School in Ft. Belvoir, Va. in the late 1960's. I ended up as a senior Instructor there teaching Advanced Officer Training Courses in Geology and Quarrying for thousands of hours. I also re-wrote the Training Manual on this subject.

I also set up the Computers at The Coquille Valley Museum, Coquille, Oregon, using Past Perfect Museum Software. There I maintained the computers and Scanned many historic photographs, and took digital pictures of Old tools and cataloged them into the Program. My recent work includes building Sugar on a Stick on USB and SD and using VM Workstation and VM Player as an alternate way of running SUGAR. Lately I have been testing builds of opensuse-edu, Ubuntu Remix, Trisquel. and Fedora Sugar Varieties using VMWorkstation, Virtualbox. and dd writing schemes. see: [1] [2]

There are a number of vmx,(VMPlayer);vdi.(Virtualbox)and USB.img files ready to download at Take a look.

Each file has an accompanying .txt file explaining how they were built, their use and installation.