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Testing SoaS

The focus now is on SoaS-Strawberry disc reliablity. See Sugar on a Stick/TODO.

Report your hardware profile

The hardware efforts wiki page has instructions for reporting your hardware profile. Remember, those information are extremely important for developers when diagnosing the bug you encountered! Make sure to include a link to the profile when reporting, when possible.

Software Testing

See Smoke test, and give technical feedback on

Please keep notes on which version of Sugar on a Stick you have downloaded when reporting issues. You can refer to the name of the .iso file from the download source.

Fedora's boot menu
  • When booting SoaS, you'll see for a short time a Fedora screen showing a blue solar system.
  • By pressing the keyboard 'Escape' key here, you can get to Fedora's boot menu.
  • There, you should find the images name in the following structure: Soas{version number}-{date of creation}
    • Pressing 'Tab' key from the boot menu will reveal the bootstrap command line. Removing the final command line parameter, 'rhgb' (RedHat graphical boot) using backspace and pressing the 'Enter' key will result in diagnostic messages being displayed on your console. Removing the 'quiet' parameter will print even more detailed messages.
Sugar version

To find out which version of the Sugar component you are using, you can look it up in the 'About my Computer' Section in 'My Settings'.

Bug reporting
  • Report bugs for Sugar on a Stick on the Sugar Labs bug tracking system. Use the SoaS component when entering new bugs.
  • Beginning with SoaS v2 (but ending on 04 February 2010), bugs and new features were tracked at See this announcement and this announcement.
  • Report which activities work, and which don't.
  • We need to get all issues in our trac instance on If you want to get anything fixed (or have an enhancement) in time for the Release Candidate, please file it for the '0.86' milestone, so that it appears on our screens. This is the list of tickets, which are currently tracked for release 0.86: milestone 0.86.
User test notes

Casual observations may be reported on this wiki (cross link bugs reports and test notes, as appropriate, to help document the problem).

  • Find your build version in the list of testing subpages below, or
  1. create a new subpage for an unlisted version by going to a page for a previous version.
  2. Then, in the address line of your browser, change the of the address string before the "&action=" segment to the version of the file (taken from the file date at the download page) and press <Enter>
    (The full address line will be something like For more help on this process, see this help page section.
  3. Then enter a header line for your setup.
  4. Finally, enter some observations.
Future versions
  • List all the activities you want to get included in SoaS on the roadmap wiki page, stating that you suggested it.

Testing subpages