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[[Sugar on a Stick/Linux/Installation]] -  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Linux/Installation]] -  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Linux/bootable device]] -  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Linux/bootable device]] -  
[[Sugar_on_a_Stick/Raspberry_Pi]] -
[[Sugar on a Stick/Virtual machines]] -  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Virtual machines]] -  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Windows]]  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Windows]]  
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|width=11% bgcolor=#5fd75e |'''Install, expert'''
|width=11% bgcolor=#5fd75e |'''Install, expert'''
|width=89% bgcolor=#ffffcc |
|width=89% bgcolor=#ffffcc |
[[Sugar on a Stick/Installation/Variations]] -  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Installation/Variations]] -  
[[Sugar on a Stick/Macintosh]]
[[Sugar on a Stick/Macintosh]]
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[[LiveOS image]] -  
[[LiveOS image]] -  
[[Trisquel On A Sugar Toast]] -  
[[Trisquel On A Sugar Toast]] -  
[http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_and_use_Live_USB Fedora, How to create and use Live USB]
[http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_and_use_Live_USB Fedora, How to create and use Live USB] -
[[Build Your Own Remix with Fedora]]
|-<!-- Flag row -->
|-<!-- Flag row -->
|width=11% bgcolor=#5fd75e |'''Historical'''
|width=11% bgcolor=#5fd75e |'''Historical'''

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Sugar on a Stick Project sitemap
Project Header

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Sugar on a Stick/Beta - Improve Sugar on a Stick - Sugar on a Stick/Essence - Sugar on a Stick/Pancake page - Sugar on a Stick/Hardware - Sugar on a Stick release process - Sugar on a Stick/Documentation SOP - Sugar on a Stick/Activity Criteria - Sugar on a Stick/Proposals - Sugar on a Stick/USB format - Sugar on a Stick/sdm - Sugar on a Stick/v7

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VirtualBox - LiveOS image - Trisquel On A Sugar Toast - Fedora, How to create and use Live USB - Build Your Own Remix with Fedora


Sugar on a Stick/Goals - Sugar on a Stick deployment process

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Sugar on a Stick/lang-es - Sugar on a Stick/Proceso de instalacion - Sugar on a Stick/Windows/lang-es - Sugar on a Stick/Sugar Clone/lang-es


Sugar on a Stick/Windows/lang-no

Older versions of SoaS

v.10 Sugar on a Stick/10, Sugar version 0.100.0, released 17 December 2013.

Sugar on a Stick/10/hashes

v.9 Sugar on a Stick/Avocado, Avocado (Sugar version 0.98.8) released 02 July 2013.

Sugar on a Stick/Avocado/hashes

v.8 Sugar on a Stick/ʻŌhelo Ê»ai, ʻŌhelo ʻai (Sugar version 0.98.2) released 15 January 2013.

Sugar on a Stick/ʻŌhelo_ʻai/hashes

v.7 Sugar on a Stick/Quandong, Quandong (Sugar version 0.96.1) released May 2012.

Sugar on a Stick/Quandong/hashes
Sugar on a Stick/Quandong/Virtual machines

v.6 Sugar on a Stick/Pineapple, Pineapple (Sugar version 0.94) released November 2011.

Sugar on a Stick/Pineapple/hashes
Sugar on a Stick/Pineapple/Virtual machines

v.5 Sugar on a Stick/Coconut - Coconut (Sugar version 0.92) released 09 October 2011.

Sugar on a Stick/Coconut/hashes
Sugar on a Stick/Coconut/Virtual machines

v.4 Sugar on a Stick/Mango Lassi - Mango Lassi (Sugar version 0.90) released on 02 November 2010.

Sugar on a Stick QA - re v.4, Mango Lassi.
Sugar on a Stick/Mango Lassi/Virtual machines

v.3 Sugar on a Stick/Mirabelle - (Sugar version 0.88)

Sugar on a Stick/Mirabelle/Virtual machines

v.2 Sugar on a Stick/Blueberry - (Sugar version 0.86)

Sugar on a Stick/Blueberry/Activities

v.1 Sugar on a Stick/Strawberry - (Sugar version 0.84)

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Sugar on a Stick/Install

Sugar on a Stick/Installation/Windows

Sugar on a Stick/VirtualBox/Preparing a disk image

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Sugar on a Stick/Activity Criteria/Status

Sugar on a Stick/Archive

Sugar on a Stick/Virtual machines/Archive

Sugar on a Stick/Customization - marked "draft", and "may be limited by out of date information".

Sugar on a Stick/Explore - is duplicated by Getting Started/Explore

Sugar on a Stick/Installation/OLPC

Sugar on a Stick/Installation/OLPC/lang-es
Sugar on a Stick/Installation/OLPC/lang-fr

Sugar on a Stick/Linux/openSUSE

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Sugar on a Stick meetings

Sugar on a Stick meetings/2010-08-30

Sugar on a Stick Parallels

Sugar on a Stick Ubuntu - You have an Ubuntu system and you wish to try Sugar? see Ubuntu

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