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Sugar Harmonic Distribution is a system approach to provide instrumental basis to fully cover needs that people might occur within the Sugar Learning Platform.


For more detailed description, see declaration of purpose.

  • The possibility to launch Base Software in heterogeneous software and hardware environments.
  • Using Base Software, provide access to various Content (Sugar activities, artifacts created by Sugar activities, books, etc.) created within the Sugar community.
  • Using Base Software, provide collaborative functionality to support Social activity around the Content.
  • Instruments and workflows to adapt Content and Base Software to specific needs that Sugar Deployment might face, including extreme ones like off-line environments and restricting hardware.


OS components will be reused as-is from upstream providers, e.g., from GNU/Linux distributions for regular desktops or from OLPC for XO laptops. There will be a list of platforms that will be supported on all levels of Harmonic Distribution.
Is the software basis to start exploring the rest of the system. It will be accessible as 3rd party repositories with native packages for all supported platforms from Sweets Distribution.
This part is based on Sugar Network, with master server hosted on Sugar Labs resources, and provides various content (Sugar activities, artifacts created by Sugar activities, books, etc.) and social activity around this content. It is the common information field to embrace all participants. Software provided on this level, in comparing to Base software, will be handled out of native packages.
A set of solutions to adapt all previous components to support different Sugar deployment scenarios. For example, keep LTS releases for Operating System and Base software or provide tools to sort out Content to make it useful for particular deployment needs.

Start using

Usage scenarios depends on the category of participants and might be different:

  • Regular usage for individual is being on one of supported platforms, install Base software from 3rd party repositories provided by Harmonic Distribution. Then, using installed software, explore the Content and start participating.
  • From any Web browser, open Sugar Network site to start participating with people, who use Base software, within the Content.
  • Sugar distributors might follow Deployment suggestions to create downstream, Base software based, distributions for particular needs. Besides Base software, they can adapt Content to local requirements, but Content will remain common information field for all participants, within and out of deployment.

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Distributions based on Harmonic Distribution:

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