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The general goal is to support Sugar communities in their regular behaviors within the Sugar ecosystem by providing a seamless environment by which to follow a common strategy. In other words, it is exactly about having a platform that supports a Sugar community.

There are key differences with the existing teams:

  • Compared to the Activity Team, the Platform Team does not care about developing any particular activities, but rather provides a useful software infrastructure to help people in the activity development process.
  • Compared with the Development Team, the Platform Team does not care about developing the Sugar learning environment (Sucrose), but rather provides a useful software architecture to help as many people as possible to take part in the Sucrose development process.
  • Compared to the Education Team, the Platform Team does not care about non-technical aspects, but rather provides useful technical instruments to help educators and researchers.
  • Compared with the Infrastructure Team, the Platform Team does develop some of the services that the Infrastructure Team administers.

In particular, the Platform Team will

  • Support doing behaviors by providing useful distribution methods and various Sugar Doers' Kits (that really sounds better than the traditional SDK transcription, Software Developers Kit).
  • Connect doers and other learners (users) by developing services for a seamless infrastructure for sharing software, e.g., Activity Library.
  • Extend the previous two goals to non-Sugar environments, not to sugarize them all, but rather to merge and promote Sugar software with and within the common Free Software and education ecosystems.