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  • member of the Software Freedom Conservancy, a New York nonprofit public benefit corporation locate ...ce, distribute, and support the use of the Sugar learning platform, a free software project.
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  • * [ Zero Install] - Decentralized cross-distribution software installation system that Sweets is based on. * [ (AMO)] - The source software for [[#Activity_Library|Activity Library]].
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  • industrial experience in coding. I completed 2-3 paid internship in web development and e commerce websites in developer role. I would like to mention those he * As web team head ,I contributed in development of kshitij,2015 website and various games and portals associated with kshi
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  • supported by donations and is seeking [[Donate|funding]] to accelerate development. :::::::<span style="font-size: 150%">for learning and software-development</span>
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  • Also, you will likely need to set up the Sugar development environment. See for ...lopment process. At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for u
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  • ...Sugar Shell. But the major purpose of introducing new format is supporting software hosted on the [[Sugar Network]]. In particular, new format assumes the foll * Support binary based software;
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  • ...ardware and distro independent alternative to traditional “office-desktop” software. Sugar Activities running on the Sugar Learning Platform promote collaborat ...profit organization, is a member project of the [ Software Freedom Conservancy]. The mission of Sugar Labs is to support the Sugar com
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  • ...n, distribute, and deploy the [[What is Sugar?|Sugar Learning Platform]] ''software'' on inexpensive USB and SD flash storage devices, which people can easily ...nload in the [ Sugar Activity Library]. The software on the portable memory device allows students to have the same learning too
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  • ...e activation delays), and expanded internationalization of Etoys. The next development release is scheduled in two weeks. Thanks to everyone who made this release ...These volunteers are engaged in a variety of activities: some are writing software to improve Sugar; some are porting Sugar to new platforms; some are develop
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  • ...xt of a critical dialog is a powerful model for both learning and software development. I'm in Finland now, fulfilling my obligations as a visiting faculty member value to the project. The audience of these communications are the free software community, educators, educational researchers and activists, philanthropies
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  • 1. Award-winning: We can start referring to Sugar as "award-winning software." It earned a silver medal in the International Design Excellence Awards '0 ** Help expand the community to include development of pedagogy; models of use; etc.
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  • Also, you will likely need to set up the Sugar development environment. To do that and to further information about contributing to th ...lopment process. At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for u
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  • ...f the source code to the Browse activity and submitting it upstream to the Development Team, in addition to writing the launcher script. ====Quiz software====
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  • *A major feature of f18 is the development of newUI a new anaconda. {{Note/note|WAIT until Installation source and software selection checking finishes before clicking on any spokes otherwise install
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  • is the most efficient way of developing software, and perhaps not only software.<br /> ...hat schools instill in their students by teaching them using closed source software. I have been fortunate enough to get some exposure to linux and kde early e
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  • ...nfrastructure like wiki/trac/launchpad, using existing groupware web-based software, or creating project from scratch. The site could also be lightweight, and * Mix in a groupware component with the Sugar development model, keeping in mind its casual and decentralized nature
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  • in Hobart. It is an open discussion to explore strategies for community development and paths forward for OLPC and Sugar in the region. We expect attendees fro week. He reports lots of enthusiasm now that getting involved with OLPC development is as easy as getting involved with Fedora.
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  • ...ll give you with unmetered website hosting resources for reaching complete software & hardware freedom in maintaining your ever-expanding online presence. You ...hey rely on third-party software solutions. Unlike theirs, our web hosting software was created in-house by us. On top of that, our business approach is custom
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  • This is the most current (development) version of Glucose. It will eventually be frozen and numbered like the ve ...ce to start, the strings in this project largely overlap with Glucose (the development version) and finishing one of these two projects will result in many string
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  • ...argeted audiences with different levels of knowledge, while also submitted development projects under way and will form groups to work during the days in differen Schedule]]) and join in the discussion of the upcoming 0.84 release ([[Development Team/Release/Roadmap/0.84|Roadmap 0.84]]).
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  • The OLPC's software environment is a heavily modified [[Fedora]] 11 Linux system running a cust just wanting to check the platform out, or are setting up for long-term development work (i.e how much time you want to invest in getting the best possible set
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  • | You can directly benefit a new software developer's coding competency and confidence levels while contributing to S ...ideatorrent/gsoc/most_popular_ever/ ideas], and here you can look for more development ideas - [
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  • ** Does it have dependent software? (nix it if it does) *** If there isn't active development or releases within the last 6-8 months
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  • ...lked about some of the opportunities, especially in education, afforded by software that is "reliable and has a unit cost of zero." I spoke briefly with Brewst ...generation). They are a group of pre-university students involved in FLOSS development. Sugar Labs has great synergy with this group; I have already tried to conn
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  • of a Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) compliant Software Development Kit as a part of a startup I am co-founder off. Things I worked on (all in Q.3 : '''What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is 7 weeks long, May 23 - A
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  • There are several options for setting up the Sugar desktop environment for development, depending on what equipment you have; | Install virtualisation software, make a new virtual machine and install [[Sugar Live Build]], [[SoaS|Sugar
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  • ...ther options are [[VirtualBox]] (Free Software) and [[VMware]], commercial software with a no-cost runtime version. * BSD: qemu in development
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  • This is our development and community shell server, also running a number of first-tier The dom0 is hosted by the [ Free Software Foundation] at the [ Global NAPs] collocation facility
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  • creates possibilities that still baffle the old-school business types. Software really does want to be free. I'd really like to help this happen. What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is 7 weeks long, May 23 - A
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  • deal with before we are officially members of the Software Freedom part of the unstable development cycle. Though there surely will be
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  • ...alkie helps to meet two of the very important goals of Sugar Labs and free software communities :- #To provide a forum for discussion and support for technology and development for learning.
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  • ===Development Environment=== ...tall the Pydev plugin for Eclipse. Help --> Software Updates --> Available Software --> Add Site. Add and install.
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  • developed and maintained by Sugar Labs, a global volunteer community of software developers and educators. Our goal is to raise a generation of critical thi ...that Free Software developers don't just write code; they talk about Free Software, they criticize it, and they discuss other people's criticisms.
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  • from teachers who have been using the Sugar learning platform&mdash;the software that runs on the OLPC-XO-1 laptop&mdash;to help Sugar Labs prioritise resou Sugar is the software used on the OLPC-XO-1 laptop computers deployed as part of Project Ceibal.
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  • :Sugar is an educational software platform built with the Python programming language and based on the princi === Who is doing Sugar development? ===
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  • ...them were developed in university classes (they are in different stages of development) and they are hosted at Google Code: ...o supervise the university stock. It has been developed for a course named Software Engineering Laboratory 2 and
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  • It is strongly recommended that you read about the review process and [[Development Team/Code guidelines|Code guidelines]] before starting to code. ...r code follows the [[Development Team/Code guidelines|code guidelines]]. [[Development Team/Code guidelines#Tools|Automated style checkers]] can be quite helpful.
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  • ...are to facilitate discussion in classroom with the help of technology. The software will aim at providing teachers and students with a tool to pose problems an ...erical marks. '''Though this feature is subject to discussion. Since, this software does not want to promote the current examination system of awarding marks i
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  • ...ts who blog about their Sugar learning experiences; and everyone, not just software engineers, contribute to the code base. (Children as young as 12-years old ...Nepal, the United States, and more than 40 other countries. Sugar is Free Software (GPL3) and is available in more than 25 languages. (We have projects in mor
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  • ** <font color="red">Status:</font> Currently under development; See "Reading Library" below. ...ore about this portion of the XS project or are interested in assisting in development.
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  • ...separately, to minimize confusion. For cutesy codenames, we could have a development build ("glycogen", a starch used to produce Glucose) and a stable build ("c ~ For example, Skype, printer capability, IM software
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  • :* Dual boot with your current software, if you have Windows ...hild with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop with content and software designed for collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning. When children
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  • ...s, but I do have a good deal of experience working in teams assigned in my software engineering courses, with whom I successfully complete our assigned project Learning of Sugar Labs’ aim is to innovate learning software for children, and all of the amazing projects listed on the wiki, inspired
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  • This guide describes how to prepare software projects to be distributed via Sugar Labs' Packaging Management System, Swe is useful for this topic's purpose. Read the [[#Development with Sweets|Development with Sweets]] section to learn about the available usage scenarios.
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  • It goes without saying that reading is a crucial tool for a child's development; the OLPC program provides the means to provide the world's poorest childre accomplished with participation from the authors of the Activities and software which ideally will be used in this project, in a collaborative effort with
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  • ...ncept enables every developer to learn new things and to contribute to any software to enhance its quality and also his own developing skills.Its an easy way t ...e package. Since there is requirement of the latest technologies for every software so I would work as fast as i can so as to port it to Python3. After that, i
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  • ...s volunteers are passionate about learning and the opportunities that Free Software can bring to education. especially important. Most developers will not become familiar with the software and comfortable contributing through day-to-day use.
    22 KB (3,477 words) - 18:49, 12 March 2010
  • ...ld not apply before, but now after gaining enough experience about project development and technical skills I didn't want to lose the opportunity to contribute ba ...ese creativity are the most important one and the most beneficial in child development. Computers on other hand are meant for catching imagination and creating ar
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  • This page displays the pertinent information regarding the development of Blocku. If you would like to help out with the development of Blocku then contact any of the active members. We would be happy with an
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  • * * (f31 rawhide)
    13 KB (1,736 words) - 23:06, 17 May 2019
  • * Worked on backend development of [ IEEE NIEC] The development of Server dashboard will help create a user friendly interface through whic
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  • ...log post about the Sugar desktop pointing to ways volunteers can help with development||??|| Needs a volunteer|| ??|| ?? * Objective: Maintain development and documentation of Music Blocks and Turtle Art
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  • ...uld read and understand the terms of the [[Sugar_Labs/SFC_Fiscal_Agreement|Software Freedom Conservancy Fiscal Agreement]], because such terms bind our behavio 2.2. The Project Will Be Free Software.
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  • ...through SugarLabs. This is my first time contribution towards Open Source Development. '''What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is from May 19 - August 22;
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  • ...he urging of Yama Ploskonka, I went to Washington, DC to the Interamerican Development Bank (IADB) to attend a [ :The stated workshop objectives were: (i) Understand development experiences and case studies of national projects for the integration of In
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  • ...Simon Schampijer reports that Sucrose 0.82 has been released (Please see [[Development Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.82|Sucrose 0.82]] for details and documenta Please also see [[Development Team/Release/Roadmap/0.84#Goals|0.84 Goals]].
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  • ===Software Freedom Conservancy=== ...s of a formal legal structure while keeping themselves focused on software development." Governance must be maintained by Sugar Labs on its own behalf to provide
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  • * '''What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is from May 19 - August 22; ...r pixel data available for further statistical analysis by the rest of the software.
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  • * Development and Creative Workstation (developer-workstation-environment)
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  • ...ged member of the team which implemented phonetic search in the automation software using Python and Django. The biggest problem that I faced was to implement ...unctionality so that students can provide feedback to their teachers. This software is not only limited to this feature, but it has further three different mod
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  • ...e]], and [[QEMU]]. Virtual machines emulate computer hardware resources in software and allow your to install and run disc images from different operating syst * The virtual appliance is ''not ready'' for general use and under heavy development. Any help with testing it is appreciated, though.
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  • Development is proceeding on a new version of Sugar Clone, which uses the Device-mapper ...e security, enhancement, and bug fixes are distributed through PackageKit (Software Update) or Yum update, which are turned off by default on LiveOS installati
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  • ...gist of the various conversations is that we need to tackle a typical Free-Software project issue: how can we make the project more friendly and accessible to
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  • ...oyed in, for example, Uruguay), the grass is not greener in the commercial software world. One need not look farther than the evolution of Android or iOS over ...el Perscheid from the University of Potsdam has been using Etoys as a game development platform with his students. [
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  • * [[File:F30-software.png|600px]]
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  • is the most efficient way of developing software, and perhaps not only software.<br /> ...hat schools instill in their students by teaching them using closed source software. I have been fortunate enough to get some exposure to linux and kde early e
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  • 2. FOSSED: Kevin Cole is helping to promote the Free & Open Source Software in Education (FOSSED) conference to be held at the Governor's Academy in By ...discussing various approaches to school administration tools on the Server Development list. Moodle, which will be bundled with the school server by default is co
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  • Some Pygame/PyGTK Activity development and a module for Pygame. I'm a few months behind on Sugar development, but think its a fabulous project. Let me know what you need of me.
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  • ...ith a former classroom teacher who is now focusing full time on curriculum development. There was synergy between all of our goals: good things will happen. Howev ...that way: It seems there is still quite a bit of misinformation about free software in Texas (See [
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  • * :Installed "Raspbian Buster with desktop and recommended software" (1)
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  • ...rally, thus I think it will work well with the distributed nature of Sugar development. (So fork your favorite project (TurtleArt) in order to try out your ideas! ...e GNOME Foundation as part of the GNOME Advisory Board. Sugar Labs creates software for young children used on platforms like the One Laptop Per Child's XO. Su
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  • ...h-tech market research and technical writing, and work in Unicode and Free Software. The mission is whatever planning, funding, research, development, and deployment is needed to make that happen, with a focus on Management b
    23 KB (3,568 words) - 21:26, 8 April 2011
  • ==Upgrade to f25 in Gnome Software== *Upgrade is now offered to go to f25 in Gnome Software
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  • * [ Dextrose development site] - [[Dextrose]] *software update uses
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  • ...efficient audio and video conferencing.As most of the applications in OLPC software,this tool can also be implemented using python programming language.To prot :* The development of the Talkie activity can be stated in following sequence.
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  • ...into child development and computers in education. Much more research and development will be needed in this direction.
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  • ...Also, when their employees work within the communities that maintain their software, they work directly with the most qualified engineers in those technologies ...and they interoperate with each other." Alas, there is no mention of Free Software in the article. It is not clear to me how a proprietary system would solve
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  • ...t the Activities themselves). To learn how to create smoke tests for other software (such as Activities), see [[Release Team/Creating a Smoke Test]].
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  • ===Development Approach=== This would help in revealing any bugs/mis-conception early in development phase itself and also give more time on enhancing the application as desire
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  • basically aimed to help learners especially children who are new to web development to build skills. The technologies to be used to build this project will be * What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is from May 19 - August 22;
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  • 1. Software Freedom Conservancy: Bradley Kuhn has written to inform us that the Conserv 8. Libre Software: Hilaire Fernandes reports that the 9th Libre Software Meeting will be held at Mont de Marsan, Landes, in SW France, from the 1 to
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  • a Sugar-based log viewer that is in most distributions to help you view software logs. You can copy text from the view pane into the Sugar clipboard, then f If you are using a version older than the development release 0.83, run the emulator with the following command:
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  • ...ther program to bail out the computer industry. Simply replace the clunker software that most schools are using—Windows 2000 or Windows XP—with Sugar. Sug ...Mahidol at an MIT Symposium, “Miracle of Life”, which focused on her youth development program in Thailand. John (J5) Palmieri and I demoed Sugar on a Stick to th
    3 KB (546 words) - 18:37, 27 July 2010
  • ...academic outcomes, improved national economic competitiveness through the development of a creative society, and that the total cost of technology ownership, inc ...evelopers (You can follow the development in the wiki at [[Deployment Team|Development Team]]). We plan to meet biweekly on, Channel #sugar-meeti
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  • ...u|Tomeu]] on 26th September 2010 at [ Software Freedom Kosova Conference]. ...rg/bernie/sugar/slides/realness-leading-sugar.odp Realness - Leading Sugar Development], presented by [[User:Bernie|Bernie]] on 30 May 2010 at the [http://realnes
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  • web client]) and ask your question about activity, or sugar core, development process. Also browse chat [ logs]. ...changes and benefit from their efforts. Sugar 0.96 (available in OLPC 12.1 development builds) includes support for a transition period, where both GTK2 and GTK3
    14 KB (2,096 words) - 22:41, 6 March 2018
  • 1. Latest Sucrose: The new [[0.82/0.81.3 Notes|Sucrose]] 0.81.3 Development Release is now available. The release has some new features, including: Man With the release of 0.81.3 we will be in feature freeze ([[Development Team/Release#Feature_freeze]]): this affects all of the modules included in
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  • with Nitika Tolani-Brown, a Research Analyst with the International Development Program at the American Institutes for Research. She and her colleagues are ...of the region and to create a viable community around free and open-source software, a major movement internationally that is fueling innovative technology and
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  • ...ld not apply before, but now after gaining enough experience about project development and technical skills I didn't want to lose the opportunity to contribute ba ...ese creativity are the most important one and the most beneficial in child development. Computers on other hand are meant for catching imagination and creating ar
    20 KB (3,300 words) - 06:23, 16 April 2009
  • ...nt, check out Karl Fogel's [ Producing Open Source Software].)
    3 KB (513 words) - 20:28, 6 November 2013
  • Usuario - ''user interface'') que afectan directamente al desarrollo de software y las maneras bajo las cuales las aplicaciones, presentadas como "[[Human_I ...and focus closely on the parts of the UI that pertain directly to software development and the ways in which applications, presented as "[[Human_Interface_Guidel
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  • Designed, initially led development of, and created the prototypes and early versions of the Windows-based Ubun Further details about of my FOSS development activities (code repository, bug reports, specs) can be found on http://lau
    21 KB (3,469 words) - 20:41, 11 April 2009
  • ...of free software and currently belong to the Peruvian Association of Free Software APESOL( After the project worked with SugarLabs and OLPC fo ; What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is 7 weeks long, May 23 - A
    12 KB (1,999 words) - 07:01, 9 April 2010
  • 1. Software Freedom Conservancy: Sugar Labs is entering discussions with the Software Freedom Conservancy (Please see
    10 KB (1,502 words) - 08:37, 19 December 2016
  • ...tory of Constructionism, which has had a great influence on the design and development of Sugar. ...g software to run on computers is a powerful means to drive learning. Free Software raises the ceiling by enabling student contributions to the design, the doc
    7 KB (1,107 words) - 15:33, 25 March 2016
  • * [[Development Team/Release/Roadmap]] * [[Development Team/Release]]
    9 KB (1,375 words) - 07:26, 19 December 2016
  • ...Guzman Trindad, a teacher in Uruguay, has been giving me feedback in this development. I think we have a pretty decent tool in Version 41 [http://activities.suga 4. Daniel Drake has announced the first release candidate of the new 12.1.0 software release for the XO. It features Sugar 0.96 running on Fedora 17. Details ca
    4 KB (583 words) - 15:58, 5 July 2012
  • ...orkflow and that I am motivated to collaborate. I have been an open-source software user for more than 5 years now, and for me this project is a great chance t '''What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is from May 19 - August 22;
    14 KB (2,210 words) - 09:25, 28 May 2014
  • lists known Sugar activities which are in development or have started development, but have not been released on<br>'''See''' [[#Le |No active development. Py2 only
    11 KB (1,419 words) - 01:34, 4 March 2020
  • ..." efforts. For example, teams in Uruguay and Paraguay have led much of the development efforts. This is due in large part to the steadfastness of Tomeu Vizoso and ...ins on Friday, 19 March. You can learn more about these three days of Free Software activism at (I'll be participat
    4 KB (592 words) - 13:46, 3 July 2012

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