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corresponding project was never created


Hight level library to create your own Journal-like activity.


Current status

Branch [1] Sugar Platforms Support status/Notes
0 0.82-1.00 is comming

Detailed Description

Expand on the summary, if appropriate. A couple of sentences suffices to explain the goal, but the more details you can provide the better.


What other services or 0install packages depend on this service? Are there changes outside the developers' control on which completion of this service depends? In other words, does your service depend on completion of another service owned by someone else or that you would need to coordinate, which might cause you to be unable to finish on time? Other upstream projects like Python?


Is there upstream documentation on this service, or notes you have written yourself? Has this topic been discussed in the mailing list or during a meeting? Link to that material here so other interested developers can get involved.

If auto-documentation field is set in file, API documentation will be generated on this page:

How To Test

Activity Team/Obsolete/Services Journal/Testing

Comments and Discussion