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This page displays the pertinent information regarding the development of Blocku.


If you would like to help out with the development of Blocku then contact any of the active members. We would be happy with any help you can give.


Members listed here are actively working on the project.


Contribution: Designer, Artist

Inactive Members

Members listed here are not actively working on the project, but may be contacted for questioning or consult purposes.



Contribution: Lead programmer


Contribution: Designer, Artist


Contribution: Programmer


Contribution: Programmer


Contribution: Documentation


Contribution: Programmer

Development Meetings

4pm-6pm Wednesday January 20, 2010

4pm Thursday January 28, 2010 (IRC)

4pm-6pm Thursday February 18, 2010

2pm-4pm Wednesday February 24, 2010

5pm-6pm Thursday February 25, 2010

6pm Tuesday September 21, 2010 - Meeting w/project creator (Mark DeMayo) to discuss the project's status and development to date.

9am Friday September 24, 2010 - Initial group meeting, division of labor, discussion of project milestones

3-5pm Friday October 1, 2010 - Work on Pythonistas presentation, milestones, and goal breakdown/update

2pm Sunday October 10, 2010 - Work on puzzle editor, redeveloped/expanded milestones

10am Thursday November 11, 2010 - Merge final code, create final presentation for tonights Pythonistas meeting. Complete group documentation.

10am Tuesday November 16, 2010 - Meet to turn in most updated versions of all materials. Update wiki with all relevant information to be used by future developers.


12.18.2013 Updated the Wiki Page with new contacts, Added more to the Git Repository including a ReadMe, updated the game to work with newer versions of Sugar

01.14.2010 Updated the Wiki Page with New Links

01.16.2010 Updated the Wiki Page with new suggestions

01.21.2010 Updated the Wiki Page with new description, milestones, and logo

01.27.2010 Added in Fran, Added in summaries for student/teachers

02.02.2010 Developed Teacher Lesson Plan

02.09.2010 Reformatted Wiki

02.07.2010 Created the screenshot of the start menu and three game screens

02.07.2010 Added the screenshots to the wiki

02.09.2010 Added the Lesson Plan to the wiki

02.09.2010 Added the active members and their contacts to wiki

02.09.2010 Reformatted and Enhanced the Wiki

02.24.2010 Fixed Size on Bugs Box, Added in more bugs encountered

02.24.2010 Added in future work for possible co-ops for blocku at RIT

02.25.2010 Added an image of the tutorial screen.

09.23.2010 Added new group members to wiki.

10.31.2010 Updated development page with new milestones and progress. Also added new screen shots and mock-up images. Updated Bugs/Fixes.

11.09.2010 Another milestone crossed off the list (block rotation). Added the new public repository link and the svn link for the board editor. Board editor screen shots up as well.

02.22.2011 Version 1.0 released

Milestones & Goals

  • Decide which program to use as a foundation. (Tetravex, Super Cube, Jigsaw-Puzzle)
  • Display a graphical interface.
  • Make squares movable.
  • Display squares with numbers.
  • Make squares able to be rotated.
  • Display game grid.
  • Blocks can snap to grid.
  • Complete Software Requirements Specifications
  • Complete Lesson Plan, and Instructional Documentation
  • Block rotation
  • Basic menu functions
  • Allow use of GameBoy buttons
  • Create art style
  • Time Attack Mode
  • Puzzle Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Scoring system
  • Sugarize
  • Translate

For a complete list of tasks that need to be accomplished, please see the following

Future Work

  • Allow teachers to input any constraint not just Math ones.
  • Change custom game screen to allow users to input matching pairs.
  • Change custom game screen to allow users to input constraint.
  • The ability to save games.
  • The ability to load games.
  • A leaderboard.
  • Achievements/Trophies
  • Save pair lists and constraints for future use.
  • Add sound effects for snap to grid
  • Possibility of Trololo song upon completion of puzzle during SOLVED! screen
  • Getting fractions into the game and being able to display them properly


Bugs Problem Fix
Rotation Blocks Warp when Rotating getting bigger the more you do it The Fix we derived for this will be that the blocks do not physically rotate only then numbers get passed around
Rotation Variables Rotation variable are using place holds should be more dynamic Concatenated the string didn't work but casting it to str worked
Sprite Lag Seems like there is redundant code in the works causing lag in the movement The blocks are now frozen to mouse. No more sprite lag
Screen Size Screen is at the moment not dynamic should be changed to be full screen and dynamic for no problems in the future Screen resolution has been changed to XO native resolution
Sprite Size They are too tiny at the moment make bigger ... Everything is bigger now. Much more easily readable
Grid needs to be dynamic and not a png image Program randomly generates a board of individual squares so its no longer a png image.
Snap to grid Snapping to grid still happened even after a block was released elsewhere Added a check to check if there was a block currently moving when snap to grid should occur
Dragging switches target When dragging a block over another block, you could start dragging the other block instead. This depended on which block was created first in the code. Another check that only allows dragging to start if a drag isn't currently occurring
Individual Rotation Only One Block can rotate make it so that any block can, maybe visual cue like a rotate symbol on a block Each individual block on screen can now be clicked and rotated.
Elements on Top Certain elements that should be always on top aren't. Sometimes some blocks become on top. This has something to do with how the sprite rendering works. Changed render mode to Layered Updates.
Cursor Transparency Cursor Image isn't transparent where it needs to be even though png image itself is. Used image.convert_alpha
Load a board dragging When loading in a pre-constructed board, blocks cannot be dragged. Included the editMode boolean check

Public Git Repository

SVN For the Editor

Public IRC Channel