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Compatible with Debian squeeze
Rolling updates

Install Sugar 0.88.1

  • Menu/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager:
search "sugar"
and select:
  • start Sugar: (Menu/Education/Sugar)
  • from 2nd USB Stick:
Click on journal
Open Frame (pointer to top right corner)
Drag-drop Install from USB icon in left bottom corner
to Journal icon in extreme left bottom corner
  • Click on surf (web browser)
Go to top right "Activities"
  • (This is ASLO where you can install activities)
search for IRC and install
search for edit and install
search for speak and install
search for record and install
  • Enjoy
  • An Alternative is to Download and burn this DVD full of activities:
And Drag Drop install from the CD icon in bottom of frame to the journal icon

  • Original Release Announcement: OLD
    (these are copied from that site)
    • All Mint 10 features
    • 64-bit support
    • Performance boost (using cgroup, the notorious “4 lines of code better than 200″ in user-space)
    • Installer improvements (multiple HDDs, grub install on partitions, swap allocation, btrfs support)
    • Better fonts (Using Ubuntu’s libcairo, fontconfig and Ubuntu Font Family) and language support (ttf-wqy-microhei, ttf-sazanami-mincho, ttf-sazanami-gothic installed by default)
    • Better connectivity and hardware support (pppoe, pppoeconf, gnome-ppp, pppconfig, libgl1-mesa-dri, libgl1-mesa-glx, libgl1-mesa-dev, mesa-utils installed by default)
    • Better sound support (addressing conflicts between Pulse Audio and Flash)
    • Updated software and packages
  • LMDE uses rolling updates; so once installed it becomes current version each time it is updated.
Use linuxmint-debian-201101-gnome-dvd-i386.iso older versions (including torrents) were bad
  • Make USB Installer Stick

We actually made the ISO compatible with unetbootin so you may have more luck there.

Notes for Installation on VirtualBox 4.0

Use gparted on Live DVD to format the 8-10 GB VirtualBox HD
/boot ext4 500 /7000 ext4 swap=balance
Install to HD
edit partitions to format as ext4 and as /boot; /; and swap
Finish installation and reboot
  • Note this same procedure works to install to a 8 GB USB disk

2 GB Live USB disk

A Fast (ADVANCED) Method
Great for Netbooks without a CD/DVD drive
  1. Boot Netbook from this non-persistent Live USB diskto test linuxmint-debian-201101-gnome
  2. Use it to Install to HD
  • tested from DL; boots fine (satellit 01/04/2011)

Download: linuxmint-debian-201101-gnome-dvd-i386.img

How to write to USB disk
Download to desktop
Use "mount command to see USB address: ie: /dev/sdb; /dev/sdc; /dev/sdd....etc
Or use gparted to see USB address
dd command is VERY DANGEROUS; if you use wrong address you will distroy your Hard Drive with no warning.
In root terminal #:
cd Desktop
dd if=linuxmint-debian-201101-gnome-dvd-i386.img of=/dev/sd(x)

How to Make a 2 GB Installer USB disk

Use the 32 bit version to make a 32 bit USB disk and 64 bit to make 64 bit USB disk


squeeze release notes
Install of linux-mint-debian-edition
Install xxx.iso to USB Stick
Enabling support for WiFi devices based on Broadcom 4311/4312/4313/4321/4322/43224/43225 chipset
"initial release of a fully-open Linux driver for it's latest generation of 11n chipsets. The driver, while still a work in progress... supports multiple current chips (BCM4313, BCM43224, BCM43225) as well as providing a framework for supporting additional chips in the future."