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Problems to solve

  • Bug reporters or triagers will have to decide if the bug needs to be opened upstream, downstream or in both places. The hard part of that is guessing if the bug is distribution specific or not. Developers can usually make pretty successful guesses at it, can we develop guidelines to allow not strongly technical people to do the same?
Suggestion for how to train people to tell whether a bug is upstream or downstream.
  1. Take 50 Sugar bugs and have developers go through and mark them as upstream, downstream or both (basically, determine "the correct answer" for these 50 tickets).
  2. Walk a new volunteer through the "correct answers" for 5 tickets, explaining the reasons for each answer.
  3. then let them try to guess the "correct answer" for the next 5 tickets.
  4. If they don't get all 5, and/or don't yet feel comfortable, take questions and refine your explanation, then repeat steps 2-3.
  5. Continue until you've gone through all 50 tickets or you think the volunteer understands how to triage.
I'd love to try this out if someone has the time to walk me through it. Mchua 17:54, 18 November 2008 (UTC)