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from Anish Aug-20:

this is where i stand, if collab is too much work, we look at reverting to old version or staying with old sugar altogether...

  • there are quite a lot of things au asked for, if we were to put entire resources into collab, those features will not get justice
  • we also have to look though at the fact that au will use dx3 for a few years, so 0.88/0.94 might not be a 'big' point for them. in two-three yrs time, sugar might well be on a very diff version no.

Prolong Dextrose-2 life

Another option is prolonging Dextrose-2 support/development, for some time, e.g. a year, while coding new collab code and release new Dextrose based on sugar-0.94+ with well-auto-tested-for-regressions collaboration code. alsroot 07:22, 20 August 2011 (EDT)