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Proposed Features for 0.102

These features have been proposed to the Release Manager for the Sugar 0.102 Release.

Owner Complete Name Summary Updated
Walter 100% Launch Limits Provide limits to the number of open activities and number of open instances of an activity. 4 Nov 2013
Walter 100% Age and Gender Provide a mechanism for users to specify age and gender. 4 Nov 2013
Walter 100% Update Favorites Add dbus service to update favorites.. 4 Nov 2013
Walter 0% Join Limits Honor limits to the number of buddies who can join a shared activity. 4 Nov 2013
Kalpa 100% Activity Help Display the help for the activity in the activity itself. 7 Nov 2013
Gonzalo 100% Add Information in About Computer Add information needed by deployments in About this computer. 11 Nov 2013
Gonzalo 50% Backup and Restore Allow do backup/restore of the Journal using a pen drive. 11 Nov 2013
FGrose 100% Network control panel Rework Wireless control panel to respect non-wireless connections 28 Jan 2014
manuq 99% Start activity from another activity Provides a new way of interoperability between activities. Jan 31 2014