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Screencast is a video screen capture utility. It is based on Recordmydesktop by John Varouhakis. It captures the screen to a video file which is in Ogg-Theora-Vorbis file format.

Where to get it

It can be downloaded from


It is thought to be buggy but the following patch has allowed video to be saved to the Journal. Open Terminal and change to directory /home/olpc/Activities/Screencast.activity and replace the file with this file (renamed to

(it would be a good idea to backup the existing file first, eg mv pippy_app.bak)


The Screencast application

The Journal listing three saved videos

Running from the command line

Open Terminal and change to directory /home/olpc/Activities/Screencast.activity


press ctrl c to terminate recording, then wait for processing to complete

copy-to-journal out.ogv -m video/ogg

The manual is helpful reading