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== Improving translation files ==
== Improving translation files ==
== Activities using Art4Apps ==
* Story
* WhatIs https://github.com/ignaciouy/whatis
* Memorize https://git.sugarlabs.org/memorize

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Art4Apps is a database of images, audio,and videos files of words created by ET4D under a Creative Common License (CC BY-SA). The primary objective in sharing this database is to promote apps development in the field of literacy in an effort to support and sustain the diversity among world languages. More information is available in the site http://art4apps.org/

Use in activities

To make easier the use in the activities, we have a python library and the resources packaged in rpms.

You can download the last versions here:



from art4apps import Art4Apps
aa = Art4Apps()
print "All words in english"
words = aa.get_words()
print words
print "All categories in english"
categories = aa.get_categories()
print categories
print "Test a translation to all the available languages" 
languages = aa.get_languages()
for language in languages:
    print "Language %s" % language
    word = words[4]
    print "Word %s = %s" % (word, aa.get_translation(word, language))
print "Words on category %s" % categories[2] 
print aa.get_words_by_category(categories[2])
print "All the words in language %s" % languages[1] 
print aa.get_words(languages[1])
print "IMAGE FILE NAME FOR %s" % words[5] 
print aa.get_image_filename(words[5])
print "AUDIO FILE NAME FOR %s" % words[5] 
print aa.get_audio_filename(words[5])
print "AUDIO FILE NAME FOR %s lang %s" % (words[2], 'fr') 
print aa.get_audio_filename(words[2], 'fr')
  • If audio file is not available, get_audio_filename() return None

Improving translation files

Activities using Art4Apps