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This page describes the sweets.conf configuration file, the common way to configure Sugar clients within the Sweets Distribution, thus, Deployment Platform. Configuration does not intersect with Sugar Shell settings, stored in GConf, and contains parameters related only to new functionality introduced by Sweets Distribution.

Configuration files

The configuration occurs based on several sources (sorted by applied order):

  • /etc/sweets.d
    directory with system-wide configuration files,
  • /etc/sweets.conf
    system-wide configuration file,
  • ~/.config/sweets/config
    user-wide configuration file,
  • ~/.sugar/PROFILE/sweets.conf
    configuration related to particular Sugar profile.

Configuration files should be formatted as regular INI files.

Configuration sections

This is a list of configuration sections in sweets.conf files. Each section belongs to particular application and might be optional in the final system.


Configure sugar-network-client, a Sugar Network client application from sugar-network package. To get the full list of available configure options, call the sugar-network-client config command.


Configure Sugar Shell extra functionality implemented by version packaged in Sweets Distribution. There are the following settings:


Blacklist Sugar Shell components.


Configure particular Shell plugin.


Configure PackageKit presolve backend.