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Moved and died at

Use this as reference.

Follow the following steps to created a jhbuild env consistent with dx1.5 used by uy (tested to work with fedora-14)

git clone git:// <dir_name>
cd <dir_name>
git checkout dx1.5
./sugar-jhbuild depscheck
./sugar-jhbuild update
./sugar-jhbuild build -n -a --clean


  • After or while running ./sugar-jhbuild update, it might fail giving error that its unable to create a directory. If so, create it manually.
  • It might also fail while building sugar-base. After some investigation, I found that reverting the jhbuild dir to an earlier commit solved the problem
cd <dir_name>/jhbuild
git reset --hard da26c2bfc8aa0a5082d1eb85229c0fd93fcf5341