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Google Code-in (GCI) is a contest for pre-university students (e.g., high school and secondary school students) with the goal of encouraging young people to participate in [free/libre] open source. Google works with open source organizations, [e.g., Sugar Labs], each of whom will provide a list of tasks to be completed by student contestants. Tasks can be anything an organization needs help with, from bug fixes, to writing code, to user experience research, to writing documentation. The contest takes place entirely online.

Google Code-in is intended to help students who may have wanted to get involved in open source but didn't know where to start. By working through the tasks created by participating open source organizations, contestants will be given the opportunity to engage with the open source community and get involved. The participating open source organizations gain the benefit of additional contributions to their project, often in important areas that may get overlooked for whatever reason. It is Google's not so secret hope that the student contestants of today will be long-term contributors to these and other open source projects in the future.

(quoted from [1])

See [2] for more info.


You can register on the Google Code-in contest beginning on November 28th, 2017.

At that time you will complete these three steps:

  1. fill in your student profile
  2. upload the Parental Consent form that your parent/legal guardian initialed, filled out and signed (available in multiple languages on the Downloads page on this site and on the Google Code-in wiki).
  3. upload your proof of enrollment in a pre-university program.

Once you have completed the three steps above you can claim your first task.

Parental Consent

You can download the Parental Consent form from the Google Code-in wiki at [3].

Proof of Enrollment

The contest is open to all students who are at least thirteen (13) years of age and no older than seventeen (17) years of age upon your date of registration for the Contest. Students must be enrolled in a pre-university program, e.g. high school, secondary school, or educational institution and have parental consent in order to participate. See [4] for additional details.



We need mentors as part of GCI2017. Please note that not all tasks are coding tasks so please consider registering even if you are not a coder (there are research, outreach, design, and documentation tasks as well).

  1. Send an email to one of the Org Admins (this year they are Walter and Ignacio). You will then receive an invitation by email.
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to sign up as a Sugar Labs mentor.