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Group Members

Project Description

Fun Towers is a pre-existing game that can be found online in several version ( is one example) that has been ported to the XO, written in Squeak. Our team is modifying this purely numerical/card based game into one that can be used as a teaching tool as part of the 4th grade math project. Several proposed domains include:

- Identifying X-sided shapes - Round whole numbers through 100,000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, and 100,000. - Carry out simple unit conversions within a system of measurement, e.g., hours to minutes, cents to dollars, yards to feet or inches, etc.

Our initial goals in modifying the pre-existing game remain relatively simple and achievable, and our goal is to produce verifiable results that can be used to point to the very preliminary success of the math4 program, while more in-depth projects are still in development.

The game itself is simple, users are given a card and with it are able to remove from one of 3 pyramids of cards a card that is one greater or one lower in value. This card that has been removed is the users new card, and any cards that were covered by the removed card are now in play.

Initial Proposed Modifications

-Remove Timer

-Change card graphics

-Implement level select

Weekly Schedule

Week 6:

  • Develop Schedule
  • Game Prototype

Week 7:

  • Finalize 4th grade math domains for levels
  • Begin learning/working with code from open source fun towers game

Week 8:

  • Produce modified cards for additional levels
  • Initial integration of 4th grade math topics

Week 9:

  • Implement in-game level selector
  • Implement level transition

Week 10:

  • Potential API integration
  • General Polish