Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2012-05-03

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, cjb, alsroot, cjl, icarito, GeraldA

Community members including: bkuhn (Bradley Kuhn --SFC), JT4sugar (John Tierney), Dogi (Stefan Unterhauser), bernie (Bernardo Innocenti), kaametza (Laura Vargas), keynote2k (Tony Sebro)


  1. Server
  2. Local Labs
  3. GPL enforcement
  4. Code of conduct
  5. SFC agreement
  6. Membership committee


We need some new servers. Bernie agreed to put together a plan. We approved a budget of up to US $5000 for two servers.

Local Labs

Tony led a discussion of Local Labs. We are heading in a direction where by we refer to Sugar communities but rethink the local lab construct as it does not fit the SFC model.

GPL enforcement

MOTION: Sugar Labs joins the SFC GPL enforcement program for standing with SFC member projects in solidarity for the enforcement of GPL (when needed).

Passed 5 votes for; 0 against.

Code of Conduct

Bernie raised the issue of a revised code of conduct regarding whether or not we should require members to explicitly sign off on it. Walter agreed to bring the discussion to the community.

SFC agreement

We agreed to get our signed agreements to the SFC.

Membership committee

Some concern was expressed about the latency between applying for and getting confirmation of membership. Luke Faraone has been asked to attend the next meeting to discuss the issue.

Next meeting

Scheduled for 10 May 2012 at 21UTC